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You will learn: how to use the Scene Viewer to style layers and create meaningful visualizations.

The ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer can be used to change the basemap and layer styles in a web scene. You can change layer symbols, colors, and shapes interactively and change between 2D and 3D symbols with styling tools. You can also style labels to display attribute information on the map. Once a web scene is styled, it can be loaded into an application and all of the layer settings will be honored. Learn how to load a web scene into your application in the Display a web scene tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will use the Scene Viewer to style the Trailheads, Trails, and Parks and Open Space layers to create a more meaningful visualization.


Copy the web scene

  1. Go to the LA Parks and Trails Scene (unstyled) web scene in ArcGIS Online.

  2. Sign in to your ArcGIS account. If you don't already have one, sign-up for free.

  3. On the top left, click the icon and Save Scene to save your own copy of the scene.

  4. Click again to close the panel.

Change the basemap

  1. In the top right toolbar, click the Basemap icon. Select Topographic and close the window.

Style trailheads with a callout and label

You can style point features as 2D or 3D basic shapes or icons with a specific color. You can also create elevated "push pins" to mark locations with callouts above the terrain. Style the Trailheads layer with a circle marker to mark the top of the pin and set the label to the TRL_NAME field. This will draw labels above the callouts.

  1. Click to open the Designer.

  2. In the Designer, click TrailHeads > > Layer Style. In 2D Marker click Options and select the following:

    • Style
      • Marker: Basic Shapes > Circle > Done
      • Color: #1A1A1A > Done
      • Size: 8px
    • Elevation Mode
      • Relative to ground
      • Offset: 1 meters
    • Callout
      • Size: city scale - small
      • Color: dark
    • Labels
      • On
      • Text: TRL_NAME
      • Size: Medium
      • Color: Light
    • Declutter On
    • Improve perspective Off

    • Click Done > Done

Style the parks

You can style polygon features as 2D polygons or 3D extruded features. Style the Parks and Open Spaces layer to draw as 2D polygon shapes draped on the ground in a green, semi-transparent color.

  1. In the Designer, click Parks and Open Space > > Layer Symbology and select the following:
    • Elevation Mode
      • On the ground
      • Transparency: 50
      • Symbols
        • Change symbols
        • Type: 2D Polygon
        • Fill Color: forest green, Transparency: 80%
        • Outline Size (px): 0

    • Click Done

Style trails with a single color

You can style line features as 2D lines or 3D paths with a specific color. The features can be drawn on the ground, above, or below. Style the Trails layer to draw 1m above the ground with a 2D Line symbol and a light purple color.

  1. In the Designer, click Trails > > Layer Symbology and select the following:
    • Elevation Mode
      • Relative to ground
      • Offset: 1
      • Symbols
        • Change symbols
        • Type: 2D Line
        • Size: 7
        • Color: medium orchard, Transparency: 20%

    • Click Done

Style trails to show bike-only trails

You can show different visual patterns for a single layer by adding it twice, applying a filter, and then styling it with a different color. Add the Trails layer again and filter the data with the USE_BIKE field to only show trails that allow bikes. Use a yellow color to represent the trails. This will make it possible to distinguish between bike and non-bike trails.

  1. In the Designer, click Add Layers. At the bottom click Enter Layer URL. In Layer URL enter the URL below:
    • Click Add to close the window.
  2. Click Trails (the topmost layer) > Rename and name it Trails for Bikes.
  3. Click Trails for Bikes > > Layer Properties. Click Filter and set the following:
    • Field: USE_BIKE
    • Value: Check Yes and uncheck all others
    • Click Done
  4. Click Trails for Bikes > > Layer Symbollogy and set the following:
    • Elevation Mode
      • Relative to ground
      • Offset: 2
      • Symbols
        • Change symbols
        • Type: 2D Line
        • Size: 1.5
        • Color: gold, Transparency: 20%

    • Click Done

Explore the web scene

  1. Click to close the side panel and view the styled layers and labels.

  2. Click > Save Scene to save your scene.

Congratulations, you're done!

Your styled web scene should look something like this.


Learn more about web scenes

Visit the Get started with scenes documentation to learn more about creating global and local scenes, styling layers and 2D and 3D symbols.