You will learn: how to use the Scene Viewer to style layers and create meaningful visualizations.

The ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer can be used to style web scenes and create powerful visualizations for your applications. The Scene Viewer allows you to easily change the basemap and style individual layers in the map. You can change layer symbols, colors, and shapes interactively and change between 2D and 3D symbols with styling tools. Styling layers with the Scene Viewer is a fast way to update a mapping application without changing your code because all changes are stored in the web scene and are immediately reflected in applications that use them. You can learn how to load a web scene in your application in the Display a web scene tutorial.

In this tutorial, you'll use the Scene Viewer to style the Trailheads, Trails, and Parks and Open Space layers to create a more meaningful scene.


Copy the web scene

  1. Go to the LA Parks and Trails Scene (unstyled) web scene in ArcGIS Online.

  2. Sign in to your ArcGIS account. If you don't already have one, sign-up for free.

  3. On the left, click Modify Scene (pencil) and Save Scene to save your own copy of the scene.

Change the basemap

  1. In the top right toolbar, click the Basemap icon. Select Topographic and close the basemap dialogue.

Style a point layer

  1. Click Modify scene to open the Designer.

  2. In the Designer, click TrailHeads > Layer Style > 2D Markder > Options and select the following:

    • Style
      • Marker: Basic Shapes > Circle > Done
      • Color: #1A1A1A > Done
      • Size: 8px
    • Elevation Mode
      • Relative to ground
      • Offset: 1 meters
    • Callout
      • Size: city scale - small
      • Color: dark
    • Labels
      • On
      • Text: TRL_NAME
      • Size: Medium
      • Color: Light
    • Declutter On
    • Improve perspective Off

    • Click Done > Done

Style a line layer

  1. In the Designer, click Trails > Layer Symbology and select the following:
    • Elevation Mode
      • Relative to ground
      • Offset: 1
      • Symbols
        • Change symbols
        • Type: 2D Line
        • Size: 3
        • Color: red

    • Click Done

Style a polygon layer

  1. In the Designer, click Parks and Open Space > Layer Symbology and select the following:
    • Elevation Mode
      • On the ground
      • Transparency: 50
      • Symbols
        • Change symbols
        • Type: 2D Polygon
        • Fill Color: forest green
        • Outline Size (px): 0

    • Click Done

Explore the web scene

  1. Click the pencil to close the side panel and view the styled layers and labels.

  2. Click the pencil again and save your scene.

Congratulations, you're done!

Your styled web scene should look something like this.


Learn more about web scenes

Visit the Get started with scenes documentation to learn more about creating global and local scenes, styling layers and 2D and 3D symbols.