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You will learn: how to build an app that loads a basemap and feature layers from a mobile map package file.

In this tutorial, you will use the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS to open a mobile map package (.mmpk) on a Mac when offline. The package is created with ArcGIS Pro and loaded to your Mac as part of the application deployment.

Before you begin

Make a copy of the finished starter app project (or download here) and open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode.

Prepare your data

Complete the tutorial Prepare your data for offline use. You will use the map package file created in that tutorial for the offline map data required in this tutorial.


Add your map package to your project

  1. In the Prepare your data for offline use data tutorial, you created a Mobile Map Package (.mmpk) file. Copy that file into your new Xcode project. If you did not complete that tutorial, you can download the tutorial's file here.

Load and display the map package

  1. Create an AGSMobileMapPackage object to load the .mmpk file. Display the first map in the package in the map view.

        /*** ADD ***/
        var mobileMapPackage:AGSMobileMapPackage?
        override func viewDidLoad() {
            /*** UPDATE ***/
            mobileMapPackage = AGSMobileMapPackage(name: "offline-maps-package")
            mobileMapPackage?.load { (error) in
                if let error = error {
                    print("Error loading the Mobile Map Package: \(error)")
                if let map = self.mobileMapPackage?.maps.first {
           = map
  2. Now press Command-R to run the app.

Congratulations, you're done!

Your map should display with the view point centered on the Los Angeles area.

Your project should look something like this.