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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

ArcGIS SDK for OS X Samples


The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for OS X provides numerous code samples to help get you started. The sample projects contains code that illustrates how to add maps, analysis, routing, and geocoding (and much more) to your Mac applications.

View the categories on the left and click on a sample to see the code snippets, the full code for both Swift and Objective C along with a description on how it works.

  • For Swift development look at the .swift file

  • For Objective C development you will need both the implementation file (.m) and header file (.h)

Run the sample application

  • Download, install and run the sample viewer application by following this link.

  • Or, if you have the SDK installed, you can run the sample viewer application found at this location ${HOME}/Library/SDKs/ArcGIS/OSX/Samples/ArcGISRuntimeSDKForOSXSamples.

The toolkit

The toolkit is contained in a public GitHub repository that provides source code for controls you can use in your ArcGIS Runtime SDK for OS X apps. The Esri Application Framework (EAF) includes ViewControllers to:

  • Manage the layers through a Table of Contents
  • Log into a portal
  • Choose a Web map
  • Find places
  • Bookmark locations
  • Measure polygons, lines and display point positions
  • Change the base map

See the repo's readme file to learn how to use the toolkit controls in your app.

Tell us what you want!

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