Simple map app

To help you get started, an application that displays a Mac application is provided for you.

Map sample

When you install the SDK, the MapViewDemo sample is installed on disk. This sample is located in ${HOME}/Library/SDKs/ArcGIS/OSX/Samples/MapViewDemo.

  1. Double-click .xcodeprojfile to open, build, then run the application.
  2. Pan and zoom around the map using the Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

MapView Demo

The sample illustrates how you can create a basic application containing a map view, tiled map service layer, and dynamic layer. The sample contains the ArcGIS framework that provides the API and ArcGIS.Bundle file that contains resources such as the esri logo shown in the lower right corner.

Examine the code and project files to determine the programming patterns for using this API.

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