ArcGIS Online and portals

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content management system for maps, apps, data, and other geographic information. You can access ArcGIS Online through, mobile devices, and desktop map viewers to:

  • Create web maps
  • Web enable your data
  • Share your maps, data, applications
  • Find relevant and useful basemaps, data, configurable GIS resources
  • Manage content and people in your organization

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Portal for ArcGIS provides you with the same core capabilities as ArcGIS Online, but can be installed and hosted on your premises, behind the firewall for controlled distribution of content. Portal for ArcGIS is the technology that powers ArcGIS Online and is available for you to implement in your organization.

ArcGIS Online for organizations, on the other hand, lets your organization be a part of ArcGIS Online through a subscription, without needing to install or manage any server technology. With this subscription, you can set up a configurable secured site that includes administrative controls, flexible data storage capabilities, and other provisions that enable geospatial information to be more pervasive within your organization or general public. Through the subscription, you can also access Esri's cloud to turn your data into web accessible maps.

This API allows developers to access and search content, users, and groups of a general portal (on-premise instance or ArcGIS Online) or a specific organization's subscription within that portal. The API uses the ArcGIS Portal REST API to communicate with the back end portal.