ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Change viewpoint


This sample demonstrates different ways in which you can change the viewpoint or visible area of a map.

How it works

AGSMapView provides different methods you can use to set the viewpoint. The app uses the setViewpointGeometry:padding:completion: method to zoom to the Griffith Park geometry, setViewpointCenter:scale:completion: method to zoom to London and setViewpoint:duration:curve:completion: method for animation. Apart from these, there are some other methods (mentioned below) you can use.

  • setViewpoint:
  • setViewpoint:completion:
  • setViewpoint:duration:completion:
  • setViewpointCenter:completion:
  • setViewpointGeometry:completion:
  • setViewpointRotation:completion:
  • setViewpointScale:completion:

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