ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Format coordinates


Click on the map to get coordinates for the tapped location. You can also edit the text in one of the text fields and hit return to update the graphic on map and get the other coordinate notations.

How it works

The sample uses the AGSCoordinateFormatter class to create coordinate notations for provided location and vice versa. Following are the methods being used in the sample.

  • latitudeLongitudeString(from:format:decimalPlaces:)
  • utmString(from:conversionMode:addSpaces:)
  • usngString(from:precision:addSpaces:)
  • point(fromLatitudeLongitudeString:spatialReference:)
  • point(fromUTMString:spatialReference:conversionMode:)
  • point(fromUSNGString:spatialReference:)

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