ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Line of sight (geoelement)


This sample demonstrates how to perform a dynamic line of sight analysis between two moving GeoElements (an observer whose height above ground can be modified interactively, and a moving taxi

How it works

Use the slider to adjust the height of the observer.

An AGSGeoElementLineOfSight is created using the init(observerLocation:targetLocation:) initializer that takes observer and target geo-elements (in this case, AGSGraphic objects in an AGSGraphicsOverlay that's added to the scene view). As a result of the analysis, a line is rendered between the observer and target with green color representing visible segment and red color representing obstructed segment. An analysis overlay is used to render the results of visual analysis on the scene view. The line width used to render analysis results is set using the setLineWidth() method on the base class for the line of sight analysis called AGSLineOfSight. This setting is applied to all line of sight analyses in the view. The height of the observer above the ground is modified using a NSSlider and the taxi's location is modified on a Timer. As the observer and taxi graphics are moved, the line of sight analysis automatically updates to reflect their positions.

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