ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Line of sight (location)


This sample demonstrates how to interactively place a line of sight between two locations.

How it works

AGSLocationLineOfSight analysis provides an initializer called init(observerLocation:targetLocation:) that takes observer and target locations. Once the AGSLocationLineOfSight is created, it is added to a collection of analysis overlays in the AGSSceneView. The analysis overlays are used to render the results of visual analysis on the scene view.

The sample uses AGSGeoViewTouchDelegate to set the observer location and target location on the AGSLocationLineOfSight. The observerLocation is set on the geoView(_:didTapAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:) method to the clicked point on the scene view. The sample starts tracking cursor movement for the scene view by settings the scene view's trackCursorMovement property to true and in the geoView(_:didMoveCursorToScreenPoint:mapPoint:) delegate method, sets the targetLocation property of the AGSLocationLineOfSight to the cursor's current map point.

As a result of the analysis, a line is rendered between the observer and target with distinct colors representing visible and obstructed segments. The sample shows the visible segment in green and obstructed segment(s) in red.

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