ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

List KML Contents


List the contents of a KML file. KML files can contain a hierarchy of features, including network links to other KML content.

List KML Contents

How it works

The contents of the KML file are shown in an outline view. Select a node to zoom to that node. Not all nodes have an extent that can be zoomed to (e.g. screen overlays).

  1. A local KML file is loaded and added to the scene as a layer.
  2. All KML nodes are recursively set to be visible since some nodes may not be visible by default.
  3. AGSKMLDataset is queried for the NSOutlineViewDataSource, starting with the rootNodes property and then recursively into their child nodes.
  4. When you click on a cell in the outline view, its node's extent property is used to create a viewpoint and zoom to the node via the setViewpoint function of AGSSceneView.

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