ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

List related features


This sample demonstrates how to query related features for a given feature. Click on a feature on the map to see a list of related features.

How it works

The sample is preloaded with layers from a feature service. The relationships among the layers are defined in the service. The origin layer is shown on the map as an operational layer. The related layers are added as tables to the map. As you tap on the map, geoView(_:didTapAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:) touch delegate method is invoked. Inside this method, an identify operation is performed to get features at the tapped location using identifyLayer(_:screenPoint:tolerance:returnPopupsOnly:completion:) method on AGSMapView. If a feature is found, then the related features for that feature are queried using queryRelatedFeaturesForFeature(_:completion:) method on its feature table. The results from the query are shown in an outline view.

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