ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Route around barriers


This sample demonstrates how to generate a route among multiple stops taking into account different barriers. Select Stops from the switch in the toolbar. Click on the map to add any number of stops. Then select Barriers and click on the map to add buffered polygons as barriers. Click on the settings button to pick among different routing options. Now click on the Route button to generate a route connecting all the stops you added. Once the route is computed, you should see details about the route, like route length and the travel time and the list of directions. You can select each direction to highlight it on the map. If you want to delete a route click on the trash icon next to the route details. And if you want to delete either stops or barriers, select the right one on the switch and click on the trash icon in the toolbar.

How it works

The sample uses the generateDefaultParametersWithCompletion: method on AGSRouteTask to get the default parameters from the service. Sets the stops and barriers in those parameters and the returnDirections to true. Then uses the solveRouteWithParameters:completion: method to solve for the route. Once the route is in, the sample displays the list of directions using the directionManeuvers property on the AGSRoute returned in the AGSRouteResult.

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