ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Use geodatabase transactions


This sample demonstrates how to download a geodatabase from a feature service, add features with or without transactions, and sync the geodatabase back to the service.

How it works


  1. Upon opening, the sample automatically downloads the geodatabase from the feature service. A progress bar indicates the status.
  2. Once downloaded, an area of the SaveTheBay dataset is shown in the map view.
  3. Click the Enter Group button to start a geodatabase transaction.
  4. Click on the map to add features.
  5. Use the popup button to select what type of feature is added when clicking.
  6. Click Reset to rollback your changes or Save to commit them. Both of these options end the transaction.
  7. Uncheck the Required box to allow changes outside transactions.
  8. Click Synchronize to upload your added features to the feature service. The remote data is reset daily.

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