ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

Viewshed (geoprocessing)


This sample demonstrates how to calculate a viewshed using a geoprocessing service. Click any point on the map to see all areas that are visible within 15 kilometers radius.

How it works

An AGSGeoprocessingTask with the URL set to the REST endpoint of a geoprocessing service is created. Once the graphic is added to the Map, an AGSFeatureCollectionTable is created, a new AGSFeature is added from the graphic's location into the featureCollectionTable, and new AGSGeoprocessingParameters are created using the featureCollectionTable. Next, an AGSGeoprocessingJob is created from the geoprocessingTask by passing in the parameters. Once the job completes successfully, an AGSFeatureSet is obtained from the AGSGeoprocessingResult, and the features from the featureSet are added to a AGSGraphicsOverlay.

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