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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Controls Namespace
Contains classes that the user interacts with visually in the Graphical User interface (GUI) of the application; the most important being the MapView, Map, and Editor Classes. The MapView Control allows for visual interaction of layers by performing mouse clicks, taps and pressing keyboard keys to pan and zoom around as well as select features and even edit them. The MapView layout can be modified to adjust its size, color, viewable extent, rotation, spatial reference, time extent, wraparound mode, and many modify more features. The MapView.Map Property enables getting/setting the Map Class; which is responsible for managing the collection of GIS layers displayed, as well as setting their initial extent. The MapView.Editor Property enabled getting/setting the Editor Class; which is responsible for drawing graphics and editing features in certain layers. There are also various MapGrid based classes for displaying a network of parallel and perpendicular lines superimposed on the map used for reference.
Public classCamera
Used for defining the perspective of a scene. It is a visual snapshot of an observation of the Earth with various layers displayed in a SceneView.
Public classDrawStatusChangedEventArgs
Provides information for the [!:DrawStatusChanged] event.
Public classCode exampleEditor
Editor used for performing edits on a map.
Public classEditorGenerateSymbolInfo
Public classCode exampleEditorConfiguration
Defines which capabilities of the Editor will be enabled or disabled and the symbology used by the Editor while geometry is in edit mode.
Public classElevationSource
Base class for 3D elevation source classes: ServiceElevationSource and FileElevationSource.
Public classElevationSourceCollection
Defines a collection of ElevationSource
Public classElevationSourceLoadedEventArgs
EventArgs type for ElevationSourceLoadedevent.
Public classElevationSourceUnloadedEventArgs
EventArgs type for ElevationSourceUnloadedevent.
Public classFileElevationSource
3D elevation source from local datasets
Public classFilenameCollection
Collection of filename strings for use by FileElevationSource
Public classGeometryEditStatus
Defines the current state of geometry edit.
Public classCode exampleGraphicsOverlay
A collection of vector graphics for overlaying on the map
Public classGraphicsOverlayCollection
A collection of GraphicsOverlays
Public classInteractionOptions
Provides options for specifying the interaction behavior of MapView instances
Public classLatLonMapGrid
Defines a MapGrid based on the latitude and longitude system. Labels are shown for Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, Equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the Prime Meridian in addition to grid coordinates.
Public classLayerLoadedEventArgs
EventArgs type for MapView.LayerLoaded event.
Public classLayerLoadedResult
Result type for MapView.LayersLoadedAsync
Public classLayerUnloadedEventArgs
EventArgs type for MapView.LayerUnloaded event.
Public classMap
The map contains layers and additional properties and can be displayed in a MapView.
Public classMapBackground
An object describing the background of a map.
Public classMapGrid
The abstract base-class for Map grids.
Public classMapGridLevel
Represents a level within a MapGrid based on the precision of the coordinates at that level.
Public classMapGridLevelCollection
The collection of MapGridLevel objects defining how a MapGrid is drawn.
Public classMapView
The MapView is a container that holds a Map. It is the mapping component of the ArcGIS Runtime .NET SDK. It can contain mapping layers and responds to user interaction (touch, mouse, keyboard) and provides behavior for map navigation. It has multiple properties such as its extent, scale, zoom factor, rotation, etc.
Public classMapViewInputEventArgs
Event argument used by the MapViewHolding, MapViewTapped and MapViewDoubleTapped events.
Public classMapViewRoutedEventArgs
Routed event args used by the map view.
Public classMgrsMapGrid
Defines a MapGrid based on the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS). The MGRS is derived from the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system and the Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) grid system, but uses a different labeling convention.
Public classMgrsMapGridBase
Base class of MgrsMapGrid and UsngMapGrid, containing properties that are common to both grid types. This type is not instantiated directly.
Public classOverlayItemsCollection
Holds the items in an OverlayItemsControl
Public classOverlayItemsControl
Holds the overlays in a MapView
Public classPanOptions
Provides options for specifying the pan behavior of MapView instances
Public classRotationOptions
Provides options for specifying the rotation behavior of MapView instances
Public classScene
The scene contains layers and additional properties and can be displayed in a SceneView.
Public classSceneInteractionOptions
Provides options for specifying the interaction behavior of SceneView instances
Public classSceneView
SceneView Control.
Public classServiceElevationSource
3D elevation source from an online ImageService
Public classUsngMapGrid
Defines a MapGrid based on the United States National Grid (USNG) system of grid references commonly used in the United States of America.
Public classUtmMapGrid
Defines a MapGrid based on the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system.
Public classVertexPosition
Defines the position of the vertex in the part collection.
Public classViewBase
A base class for the map and scene controls.
Public classViewLabelProperties
View-level labeling properties
Public classViewOverlayArrangeParameters
Public classViewpoint
Used for specifying the view location of the MapView
Public classViewpointCenter
Viewpoint based on center and scale.
Public classViewpointExtent
Viewpoint based on an extent.
Public classZoomOptions
Provides options for specifying the zoom behavior of MapView instances
Public interfaceIViewOverlay
Overlay interface for building advanced map overlay controls.
Public enumerationDrawShape
The drawing mode used by the Editor
Public enumerationDrawStatus
Represents the current state of drawing the Scene.
Public enumerationEditorGenerateSymbolType
Indicates the type of edit, the tool is used for.
Public enumerationGeometryEditAction
The geometry edit action peformed by the Editor
Public enumerationInteractionInputs
Device that can be used to interact with a SceneView object.
Public enumerationLatLonMapGridLabelStyle
The style of labels rendered by a LatLonMapGrid.
Public enumerationMapGridLabelPosition
Specifies where axis labels are drawn in the MgrsMapGrid.
Public enumerationMapGridLabelUnits
Specifies the axis label units.
Public enumerationMouseWheelDirection
Represents the scroll direction of a mouse wheel
Public enumerationSceneAtmosphereEffect
Represents the effect applied on Scene's atmosphere
Public enumerationScreenPointVisibility
Represents the visibility of a point in a Scene.
Public enumerationViewpointType
Viewpoint type