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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Geometry Namespace
Contains key classes and enumerations that define the geometries that are the heart of a Geographic Information System (GIS). Developers can read and create various Geometry types such as: Envelope, MapPoint, Polygon, and Polyline. Additionally, they can read and create the SpatialReference (aka. coordinate system) and define the various Units (angular, area, and linear) for the various geometries. Containers that house collections of the geometries (CoordinateCollection, PartCollection) as well as conversion utilities to translate from one SpatialReference to another (CoordinateConversion) are available. There is also a powerful set of GeometryEngine static methods that can perform numerous GIS based geometry manipulations (buffer, cut, clip, generalize, offset, union, etc.) locally on the application device without having to make expensive transactions across the Intranet/Internet.
Public classAngularUnit
Represents an angular unit of measure used by a Geometry or SpatialReference, or in measurement or measurement conversion functions.
Public classAngularUnits
Provides angular units.
Public classCode exampleAreaUnit
Class used to represent units of measurements for an area.
Public classCode exampleAreaUnits
Provides area units.
Public classConvertCoordinate
Provides methods for converting from MapPoint geometries to coordinate notation strings and methods for converting from coordinate notations to MapPoint geometries.
Public classEnvelope
Axis Aligned envelope
Public classEnvelopeBuilder
Builder for creating envelopes.
Public classGeodesicEllipseParameters
GeodesicEllipseParameter is used by the GeometryEngine.GeodesicEllipse operation.
Public classGeodesicSectorParameters
GeodesicSectorParameter is used by the GeometryEngine.GeodesicSector operation.
Public classGeometry
Abstract Geometry class provides a base class for objects that define geometric shapes. Geometry objects can be used as geometry definitions for rendering data.
Public classGeometryBuilderT
Base class for the geometry builders
Public classGeometryEngine
Utility for performing geometric operations.
Public classLinearUnit
Represents a linear unit of measure used by a Geometry or SpatialReference, or in measurement conversion functions.
Public classLinearUnits
Provides linear units.
Public classLineSegment
A class representing a straight line between a start and end point.
Public classMapPoint
Map coordinate
Public classMapPointBuilder
Builder for creating map points.
Public classMultipart
Represents an abstract multipart geometry type
Public classMultipartBuilderT
Base class for the geometry multipart builders
Public classMultipoint
An collection of points that represent a single geometry instance.
Public classMultipointBuilder
Builder for creating multipoints.
Public classPartCollection
A collection of SegmentCollection parts used by PolylineBuilder and PolygonBuilder.
Public classPointCollection
Collection of MapPoints.
Public classCode examplePolygon
A Polygon Geometry can have one or more parts, each part resembles a closed ring of segments.
Public classCode examplePolygonBuilder
Builder for creating polygons.
Public classPolyline
A collection of Paths used to represent a Polyline Geometry
Public classPolylineBuilder
Builder for creating polylines.
Public classProjectionConverter
Converter for converting a geometry from one projection to another. The input geometry must have a spatial reference defined, and the converter parameter must but the Well-Known ID or the Well-Known text for the output spatial reference.
Public classCode exampleProximityResult
Instances of this class represent results of a proximity search using the GeometryEngine.NearestVertex or GeometryEngine.NearestCoordinate Methods to find the nearest vertex or a coordinate of a geometry.
Public classReadOnlyPartCollection
A Read-only collection of ReadOnlySegmentCollection parts used by Polyline and Polygon.
Public classReadOnlyPointCollection
Read-only collection of MapPoints.
Public classReadOnlySegmentCollection
Read only collection of Segment classes.
Public classSegment
A class representing a start and end point and how they are connected. The most common is a striaght line LineSegment.
Public classSegmentCollection
Collection of Segment classes.
Public classSpatialReference
Instances of this class represent a spatial reference.
Public classSpatialReferences
Provides properties to return common spatial references
Public classUnit
A common base class between all units, linear, area and angular units.
Public enumerationExtendOptions
Enumeration that defines how an extend operation can be performed
Public enumerationGarsConversionMode
Specifies whether the input or returned Global Area Reference System (GARS) coordinate string represents the lower left of the represented cell.
Public enumerationGeodeticCurveType
This enumeration defines different types of curves that can be calculated for geodesic geometry engine operation.
Public enumerationGeometryType
Geometry Type Enumeration
Public enumerationMgrsConversionMode
Specifies the conversion mode when converting from an MGRS coordinate notation to a MapPoint or from a MapPoint to an MGRS coordinate notation.
Public enumerationOffsetType
Offset type is used in the GeometryEngine.Offset method
Public enumerationSpatialRelationship
SpatialRelationship enumeration.
Public enumerationUnitType
Enumeration of unit types.
Public enumerationUtmConversionMode
Specifies whether the input or returned UTM coordinate string uses North or South UTM latitude zone indicators.