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MapViewRotation Property
Gets the current rotation angle of the map.

Namespace: Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Controls
Assembly: Esri.ArcGISRuntime (in Esri.ArcGISRuntime.dll) Version: (
public double Rotation { get; }

Property Value

Type: Double
The rotation angle (in degrees)
To change the rotation, you can use the SetRotation methods available on the map, or set the InitialViewpoint property to define an rotation angle the map should start up at.
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Supported Platforms
This type is supported on the following ArcGIS Runtime .NET SDK platforms:
Windows Desktop
Windows Phone
Windows Store
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GraphicsLayer_RenderingModeDemonstrates setting the various GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode options and their effect on TextSymbols when the MapView is rotated.