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LabelPlacement Enumeration
Determines the placement behavior for a label around a feature or graphic.

Namespace: Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Layers
Assembly: Esri.ArcGISRuntime (in Esri.ArcGISRuntime.dll) Version: (
public enum LabelPlacement
  Member nameValueDescription
PointAboveCenter0 Point above center
PointAboveLeft1 Point above left
PointAboveRight2 Point above right
PointBelowCenter3 Point below center
PointBelowLeft4 Point below left
PointBelowRight5 Point below right
PointCenterCenter6 Point center center
PointCenterLeft7 Point center left
PointCenterRight8 Point center right
LineAboveAfter9 Line above after
LineAboveAlong10 Line above along
LineAboveBefore11 Line above before
LineAboveStart12 Line above start
LineAboveEnd13 Line above end
LineBelowAfter14 Line below after
LineBelowAlong15 Line below along
LineBelowBefore16 Line below before
LineBelowStart17 Line below start
LineBelowEnd18 Line below end
LineCenterAfter19 Line center after
LineCenterAlong20 Line center along
LineCenterBefore21 Line center before
LineCenterStart22 Line center start
LineCenterEnd23 Line center end
PolygonAlwaysHorizontal24 Polygon always horizontal

LabelPlacement values comprise three parts:

  • The geometry type to which the placement value applies: Point, Line, or Polygon. This must match the geometry type of the feature or graphic being labeled.
  • The vertical position: Above, Below, or Center.
  • The horizontal position: Center, Left, Right (Point) or Before, Start, Along, End, After (Line).

The exception to this pattern is the LabelPlacement value PolygonAlwaysHorizontal which is the only valid value for a feature or graphic with a polygon geometry. By default the labeling algorithm will place a label for a polygon relative to the first point in the polygon geometry part. If the polygon placement value is specified as PolygonAlwaysHorizontal the labeling algorithm will find the best center of mass for the geometry.

The LabelPlacement property determines the mandatory value used when trying to place the label and the LabelPosition value is either FixedPositionOrRemove or FixedPositionWithOverlaps. The default behavior, optimized for performance, will try only to place the label at the default/specified LabelPlacement value or not to place the label if a conflict is found. This default option is FixedPositionOrRemove. The option which will result in more labels being placed, but is more expensive to calculate, is RepositionOrRemove where the labeling algorithm will attempt multiple placement values around the geometry before removing if it cannot be placed without a conflict. In order to force all labels to be placed using the specified placement value you must use the option FixedPositionWithOverlaps.

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Supported Platforms
This type is supported on the following ArcGIS Runtime .NET SDK platforms:
Windows Desktop
Windows Phone
Windows Store
Additional Examples
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FeatureLayer_LabelingDemonstrates labeling highway names in a FeatureLayer.
GraphicsLayer_LabelingDemonstrates labeling city names where two AttributeLabelClass'es are used (one for smaller cities and one for larger ones).