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What you can do

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET enables developers to create applications for the Windows Desktop, Windows Store app, and Windows Phone platforms with high-quality interactive mapping, queries, geocoding, routing, data editing, and advanced geographic analysis.

The three APIs included with the SDK share a common design and implementation, that enables the reuse of application logic between apps built for each platform. Functionally, the SDK combines the powerful, high performance mapping and analysis capabilities of the ArcGIS Runtime with features of the ArcGIS platform to support connected and disconnected workflows.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET allows you to:

  • Open maps with rich cartography from ArcGIS Online, your ArcGIS Portal, or ArcGIS Server
  • Add features, rasters, and basemaps stored locally on a device
  • Combine data from online services and local sources to create workflow specific maps
  • Visualize data in three dimensions
  • Display maps in one of many projected or geographic coordinate systems
  • Identify features in the map and view rich pop-up windows authored in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Professional
  • Use a powerful set of tasks that leverage ArcGIS capabilities to analyze your maps and provide information to your users
  • Search for features in a map using any combination of attribute, spatial, or temporal criteria
  • Perform advanced geometric operations locally
  • Execute sophisticated geoprocessing tasks and display their results
  • Find locations using an address (geocode)
  • Determine an approximate address based on a location (reverse geocode)
  • Calculate optimal routes between locations and generate directions
  • Work with your devices' location, including support for GPS
  • Find closest facilities and service areas on a network
  • Collect locations by sketching on the map or using the device's location sensor
  • Enable users to collect and edit data in the field
  • Synchronize data collected in the field with your enterprise geodatabase
  • Use the .NET Task model to build robust, responsive applications
  • Take advantage of the MVVM design pattern to separate the UI from your app logic
  • Reuse your app logic across the Windows Desktop, Store app, and Phone platforms
  • Use templates and controls integrated with Visual Studio to build ArcGIS into your Windows app projects
  • Natively support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms
  • Deploy apps independently of other ArcGIS software versions on the target machine
  • Allow users to unlock application functionality by authenticating themselves with the ArcGIS platform or create OEM-style applications with embedded licenses
  • Deploy only the ArcGIS Runtime components required by your app to minimize the footprint