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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Ogc Namespace

Contains classes that allow the utilization of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) standard for Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) layers. WMTS is a cached service that accesses pre-created tiles from a cache on a server’s hard drive instead of dynamically rendering images. The full WMTS standard can be found on the OGC web site: As of ArcGIS Server version 10.1 serving WMTS layers as a native REST service is supported.
Public classKmlBalloonPopupEventArgs
Event argument used by BalloonPopupEvent.
Public classKmlColorStyle
Defines the appearance of a KmlNode, based on specified color and KmlColorMode.
Public classCode exampleKmlContainer
A KML Container object.
Public classCode exampleKmlDataset
Points to KML/KMZ content, either from a local file or the network. This object provides an entry point for traversing the tree of KmlNodes that make up the file.
Public classCode exampleKmlDocument
A KML Document object.
Public classKmlFolder
A KML Folder object.
Public classCode exampleKmlGeoElement
Represents a GeoElement from an identify operation performed on a KmlLayer.
Public classCode exampleKmlGeometry
A KML geometry object.
Public classKmlGeometryCollection
A collection of KmlGeometry objects.
Public classCode exampleKmlGroundOverlay
A KML GroundOverlay object.
Public classCode exampleKmlIcon
A KML icon object.
Public classCode exampleKmlIconStyle
A KML icon style object.
Public classKmlImageCoordinate
Specifies an image coordinate with units.
Public classKmlLabelStyle
Specifies how the name of a KmlNode is drawn, including color and scale.
Public classCode exampleKmlLineStyle
Specifies the drawing style (color, color mode, and line width) for KML line geometry.
Public classCode exampleKmlNetworkLink
A KML network link references other KML resources, locally or on the network.
Public classCode exampleKmlNetworkLinkControlMessageEventArgs
Event argument used by NetworkLinkControlMessage
Public classCode exampleKmlNode
A single node within a KML document.
Public classCode exampleKmlNodeCollection
An observable collection of KmlNodes.
Public classKmlPhotoOverlay
Photo overlays are a legacy KML feature. Runtime only supports rendering overlays projected onto 2D rectangles; other shapes and image pyramids are unsupported.
Public classCode exampleKmlPlacemark
A KML placemark object.
Public classCode exampleKmlPolygonStyle
Specifies the drawing style for all polygon geometry.
Public classKmlScreenOverlay
A KML ScreenOverlay object.
Public classCode exampleKmlStyle
Specifies the drawing style for a KmlNode.
Public classCode exampleKmlTour
KML Tour.
Public classCode exampleKmlTourController
A KML tour controller, which can be used to control the playback of KML tours.
Public classCode exampleKmlViewpoint
A KML viewpoint contains information about a viewer's position, either defined as a LookAt relationship to another object or a camera. See the guide documentation and samples for information about converting KmlViewpoints into Runtime Viewpoint objects.
Public classOgcFeatureCollectionInfo
Describes a feature collection within an OGC API Features service.
Public classOgcFeatureService
Represents an OGC API Features service.
Public classOgcFeatureServiceInfo
Provides metadata for an OGC API Features service and lists available feature collections.
Public classCode exampleWfsLayerInfo
Information about a WFS layer (also known as a WFS feature type), as described by a WFS service.
Public classCode exampleWfsService
Represents an OGC Web Feature Service (WFS). Loading this object retrieves the service metadata, accessible via ServiceInfo property.
Public classCode exampleWfsServiceInfo
Describes metadata of a WFS service. Can be obtained from a WfsService.
Public classCode exampleWmsFeature
A WMS feature object.
Public classCode exampleWmsLayerInfo
Information about a WMS layer as described by a WMS service.
Public classCode exampleWmsService
Represents an OGC Web Map Service (WMS). Loading this object retrieves the service metadata, accessible via ServiceInfo property.
Public classCode exampleWmsServiceInfo
Describes metadata of a WMS service. Can be obtained from a WmsService.
Public classCode exampleWmtsLayerInfo
Information about a WMTS layer as described by a WMTS service.
Public classCode exampleWmtsService
Represents a WMTS service. Loading this object retrieves the service metadata, accessible via ServiceInfo property.
Public classCode exampleWmtsServiceInfo
Describes metadata of a WMTS service, based on the result of WMTS GetCapabilities operation.
Public classWmtsTileMatrix
Identifies a WMTS tile matrix, which is a single level in the image pyramid of WmtsTileMatrixSet.
Public classWmtsTileMatrixSet
Describes a WMTS tile matrix set, containing one or more tile matrices and some metadata.
Public enumerationCode exampleKmlAltitudeMode
KML altitude mode determines how altitude values should be interpreted.
Public enumerationKmlColorMode
The color mode of a KmlColorStyle.
Public enumerationKmlGeometryType
The list of KML geometry types.
Public enumerationCode exampleKmlGraphicType
The list of KML graphic types.
Public enumerationKmlListItemType
Defines how visibility selection should work, enabling either single or multiple selection of child nodes of a document, folder, or network link.
Public enumerationKmlRefreshMode
The list of KML refresh modes.
Public enumerationKmlRefreshStatus
The list of KML refresh status event types.
Public enumerationCode exampleKmlTourStatus
The list of KML tour status.
Public enumerationKmlUnitsType
The coordinate system units used by KmlImageCoordinate.
Public enumerationCode exampleKmlViewpointType
Determines the type of a KML viewpoint.
Public enumerationKmlViewRefreshMode
The list of KML view refresh modes.
Public enumerationCode exampleOgcAxisOrder
The different ways to treat the x/y coordinates order.
Public enumerationWmsVersion
Enumerates supported versions of the WMS specification, for use with a WmsService.