Identify KML features

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Show a callout with formatted content for a KML feature.

Image of identify KML features

Use case

A user may wish to select a KML feature to view relevant information about it.

How to use the sample

Tap a feature to identify it. Feature information will be displayed in a callout.

Note: the KML layer used in this sample contains a screen overlay. The screen overlay contains a legend and the logos for NOAA and the NWS. You can't identify the screen overlay.

How it works

  1. Create a listener for the GeoViewTapped event of the MapView.
  2. On tap:
    • Dismiss the Callout, if one is showing.
    • Call IdentifyLayersAsync(...) passing in the KmlLayer, screen point and tolerance.
    • Await the result of the identify and then get the KmlPlacemark from the result.
    • Create a callout at the calculated map point and populate the callout content with text from the placemark's BalloonContent. NOTE: KML supports defining HTML for balloon content and may need to be converted from HTML to text.
    • Show the callout.

Note: There are several types of KML features. This sample only identifies features of type KmlPlacemark.

Relevant API

  • GeoView.IdentifyLayerAsync
  • IdentifyLayerResult
  • KmlLayer
  • KmlPlacemark
  • KmlPlacemark.BalloonContent

About the data

This sample shows a forecast for significant weather within the U.S. Regions of severe thunderstorms, flooding, snowfall, and freezing rain are shown. Tap the features to see details.

Additional information

KML features can have rich HTML content, including images.


Keyhole, KML, KMZ, NOAA, NWS, OGC, weather

Sample Code

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ContentPage x:Class="ArcGISRuntimeXamarin.Samples.IdentifyKmlFeatures.IdentifyKmlFeatures"
    <StackLayout Orientation="Vertical">
        <Label Text="Tap to identify features." VerticalOptions="Start" />
        <esriUI:MapView x:Name="MyMapView" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand" />

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