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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Hydrography Namespace

Contains classes for working with Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) within the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET SDK. Runtime reads and displays ENCs following International Hydrographic Organization specifications (see Important classes include EncCell, EncExchangeSet, and EncDataSet.
Public classCode exampleEncCell
An ENC cell object.
Public classCode exampleEncDataset
Defines an ENC dataset.
Public classEncDisplayCategories
An ENC Display Categories object. Contains three categories.
Public classCode exampleEncDisplaySettings
ENC display settings object container for a group of finer-grained settings.
Public classCode exampleEncEnvironmentSettings
Defines the ENC Environment Settings.
Public classCode exampleEncExchangeSet
Defines an ENC exchange set.
Public classCode exampleEncFeature
An ENC feature.
Public classCode exampleEncMarinerSettings
An ENC mariner settings object for controlling the rendering of ENC layers.
Public classCode exampleEncTextGroupVisibilitySettings
S-52 text group properties object.
Public classCode exampleEncViewingGroupSettings
S-52 viewing group properties object.
Public classS63DataException
A S63 specific error code used on LoadError and LoadWarnings when loading S63 encrypted data.
Public enumerationCode exampleEncAreaSymbolizationType
The list of area features symbolization settings.
Public enumerationCode exampleEncColorScheme
A switch between S-52 color schemes.
Public enumerationEncDisplayDepthUnits
A switch between units for depth.
Public enumerationCode exampleEncPointSymbolizationType
The list of point features symbolization settings.