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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Tasks.Geoprocessing Namespace

Contains classes to execute geoprocessing (aka. GP) services on ArcGIS Server. Geoprocessing is a GIS operation used to manipulate GIS data. A typical geoprocessing operation takes an input dataset, performs an operation on that dataset, and returns the result of the operation as an output dataset. Common geoprocessing operations include geographic feature overlay, feature selection and analysis, topology processing, raster processing, and data conversion. Geoprocessing allows for definition, management, and analysis of information used to form decisions. The Geoprocessor class in this namespace provide the starting point for developers to use geoprocessing services.
Public classGeoprocessingBoolean
A boolean input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingDataFile
A data file input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingDate
A date input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingDouble
A double input or output parameter.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingFeatures
A features (or records) input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingFeatureSet
Geoprocessing feature set is a read-only set of features that are returned from GeoprocessingFeatures
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingJob
Geoprocessing job is used to run the geoprocessing task on the service.
Public classGeoprocessingLinearUnit
A linear unit input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingLong
An Int32 input or output parameter.
Public classGeoprocessingMultiValueT
A multi value input or output parameter which contains a collection of single geoprocessing parameter type.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingParameter
GeoprocessingParameter is a base class for all concrete parameter types that can be used in geoprocessing.
Public classGeoprocessingParameterInfo
Provides information on a single parameter of a geoprocessing task.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingParameters
GeoprocessingParameters contains input parameters that are sent to the target geoprocessing task.
Public classGeoprocessingRaster
A raster input or output parameter.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingResult
GeoprocessingResult contains output parameters returned from the service.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingString
A string input or output parameter.
Public classCode exampleGeoprocessingTask
GeoprocessingTask is used to run geoprocessing task that is published as a web service.
Public classGeoprocessingTaskInfo
GeoprocessingTaskInfo contains information on a geoprocessing task.
Public enumerationCode exampleGeoprocessingExecutionType
The list of geoprocessing execution types.
Public enumerationGeoprocessingLinearUnits
The list of geoprocessing linear unit types.
Public enumerationGeoprocessingParameterDirection
The list of geoprocessing parameter directions.
Public enumerationGeoprocessingParameterType
The list of geoprocessing parameter types.