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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UI.GeoAnalysis Namespace

Contains classes that allow for visualizing viewshed and line-of-sight analysis in a Scene. Viewsheds are a type of visibility analysis that show the visible and obstructed areas covered by a directed field of view. Line-of-sight is a type of visibility analysis which shows where a sight line is blocked by an obstruction. The results of these analysis are visual in nature, are calculated by the GPU and hence performing an identify/hit-testing of the visible/obstructed areas is not possible. Developers can control the colors of what is visible and obstructed from the observation point in the analysis.
Public classCode exampleAnalysis
Analysis is a base class for those classes used to render analysis results in a GeoView.
Public classCode exampleAnalysisCollection
A collection of Analysis objects.
Public classCode exampleAnalysisOverlay
AnalysisOverlay manages the display of one or more Analyses on a GeoView.
Public classCode exampleAnalysisOverlayCollection
A collection of AnalysisOverlay objects.
Public classCode exampleGeoElementLineOfSight
An analysis object that evaluates visibility along a line defined by observer and target GeoElement objects.
Public classCode exampleGeoElementViewshed
GeoElementViewshed is an analysis object that renders a viewshed for a specified GeoElement.
Public classLineOfSight
LineOfSight is a base class for LocationLineOfSight and GeoElementLineOfSight.
Public classCode exampleLocationDistanceMeasurement
An analysis object that evaluates direct, vertical, and horizontal distances between two points defined by start and end point locations.
Public classCode exampleLocationLineOfSight
LocationLineOfSight is an analysis object that generates a line of sight between observer and target point objects.
Public classCode exampleLocationViewshed
LocationViewshed is an analysis object that renders a viewshed for a specified point location.
Public classViewshed
Viewshed is a base class for the Analysis classes that determine visible and non-visible areas in a GeoView, LocationViewshed and GeoElementViewshed.
Public enumerationCode exampleLineOfSightTargetVisibility
Various LineOfSight visibility states between an observer and target.