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Item Properties

The Item type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccessInformation
Gets or sets the information on the source of the item.
Public propertyCreated
Gets the date the item was created.
Public propertyCode exampleDescription
Gets or sets the detailed description of the item.
Public propertyExtent
Gets or sets the bounding extent of the item (in geographical coordinates)
Public propertyCode exampleItemId
Gets or sets the unique id for this item.
Public propertyCode exampleModified
Gets the date the item was modified.
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the item
Public propertySnippet
Gets or sets the summary description of the item.
Public propertySpatialReferenceName
Gets or sets the item's spatial reference name.
Public propertyCode exampleTags
Gets the mutable list of user defined tags that are words or short phrases that describe the item.
Public propertyTermsOfUse
Gets or sets the terms of use of the item.
Public propertyCode exampleThumbnail
Gets this item's thumbnail image.
Public propertyThumbnailUri
Gets the URI associated with the thumbnail image for this item.
Public propertyCode exampleTitle
Gets or sets the item title. This is the name that is displayed to users and by which they refer to the item. Every item must have a title.
Public propertyTypeKeywords
Gets the mutable list of keywords that further describes the type of this item. Each item is tagged with a set of type keywords that are derived based on its primary type. Update this list only if you wish to add additional type keywords.
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