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PortalGroup Properties

The PortalGroup type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccess
Gets the access level on the group. Private is the default. If Organization, only members of the organization can access the group. If Public, all users can access the group.
Public propertyCreated
Gets the date the group was created.
Public propertyGroupDescription
Gets the detailed description of the group.
Public propertyGroupId
Gets the group id.
Public propertyIsInvitationOnly
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is invitation only.
Public propertyIsViewOnly
Gets a value indicating whether the group members are not able to share items to the group.
Public propertyLoadError
Gets the Exception associated with the last load error.
Public propertyLoadStatus
Gets the load status.
Public propertyModified
Gets the date the group was last modified.
Public propertyOwner
Gets the username of the group's owner.
Public propertyPhone
Gets the contact phone number for the group.
Public propertyPortal
Gets the ArcGIS portal.
Public propertySnippet
Gets a short summary that describes the group.
Public propertySortField
Gets the sort field to use for this group.
Public propertySortOrder
Gets the sort order to use for this group.
Public propertyTags
Gets the tags.
Public propertyThumbnailUri
Gets the thumbnail URI.
Public propertyTitle
Gets the group title. This is the name that is displayed to users and by which they refer to the group.
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