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PortalUser Properties

The PortalUser type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccess
Gets the access level for the user : private, organization or public. If Private , the users descriptive information will not be available and the user name will not be searchable. If Organization, only members of the organization can search for the user and the user's content.
Public propertyCreated
Gets the date and time the user was created.
Public propertyCulture
Gets the default culture for the user.
Public propertyEmail
Gets the email of the user.
Public propertyFavoritesGroupId
Gets the user's favorites group that is created automatically for each user.
Public propertyFullName
Gets the full name of the user.
Public propertyGroups
Gets the collection of groups the user belongs to.
Public propertyModified
Gets the date and time the user was last modified.
Public propertyOrganizationId
Gets the id of the organization the user belongs to.
Public propertyPortal
Gets the ArcGIS portal.
Public propertyPrivileges
Gets the fine-grained portal privileges possessed by this user.
Public propertyRole
Gets the user's role in the organization : administrator, publisher or user.
Public propertyTags
Gets the words or short phrases that describe the user.
Public propertyThumbnailUri
Gets the URI of the thumbnail image used for the user.
Public propertyUnits
Gets the user defined units for measurement.
Public propertyUnitSystem
Gets the user defined unit system for measurement.
Public propertyUserDescription
Gets the description or profile of the user.
Public propertyCode exampleUserName
Gets the name of the user.
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