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Take a map offline - ArcGIS Pro

You can use ArcGIS Pro to consolidate maps into a single mobile map package (.mmpk) that can be shared with your organizational account or copied directly to your mobile device. These read-only maps, their layers, and associated data will be contained in a single mobile map package (.mmpk) that adheres to a common map definition. This allows you to transport your maps and data across the ArcGIS platform and to take them offline.

Create an offline map

You can create a mobile map package and save it as a local file or share it as a new portal item in your organization's portal.

  • On the ArcGIS Pro Share tab, under Package, select New Mobile Map Package to create a mobile map package from the active map. For more information, see Share a mobile map package.
  • Use the ArcGIS Pro tool called Create Mobile Map Package from the Data Management Toolbox to create a mobile map package from one or more maps. With ArcGIS Pro 2.4 (or later), you can use this tool to set an expiration date on your mobile map package, as long as ArcGIS Pro is licensed with the ArcGIS Publisher extension.

If you'd like ready-to-use and regularly updated basemaps, locators, or network datasets for your area of interest, you can license StreetMap Premium data in mobile map package format. For details, see Add StreetMap Premium data.

Once you have obtained a mobile map package file, you can manually copy it directly to your device or use this API to download it from your organization's ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

Next steps

Once you have placed the mobile map package on your device, you should take the following steps:

  1. Open an offline map. Ensure it has not expired and load it into your application.
  2. Display and interact with the maps, layers, and data offline, calculate routes using the package's transportation network files, and search for addresses using the package's locator files, if present.
  3. Finish using an offline map by ensuring that all locks are fully released from the mobile map package.