Analyze hotspots

This sample demonstrates how to execute the GeoprocessingTask asynchronously to calculate a hotspot analysis based on the frequency of 911 calls. It calculates the frequency of these calls within a given study area during a specified constrained time period set between 1/1/1998 and 5/31/1998.

Analyze hotspots result


To run the hotspot analysis, select a data range and click on the 'Run analysis' button. Note the larger the date range, the longer it may take for the task to run and send back the results.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ContentPage xmlns=""
      <RowDefinition Height="auto" />
      <RowDefinition Height="*" />
    <StackLayout Orientation="Vertical">
      <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal">
        <Label Margin="10,0,0,0">Start Date:</Label>
        <Entry Text="1/01/98" x:Name="StartDate"/>
      <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal">
      <Label Margin="10,0,0,0">EndDate:</Label>
        <Entry Text="1/31/98" x:Name="EndDate"/>
      <Button Text="Run Analysis" Clicked="OnRunAnalysisClicked"/>       
    <ActivityIndicator x:Name="MyActivityIndicator" IsVisible="False"/>
    <esriUI:MapView x:Name="MyMapView" Grid.Row="1"/>

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