System requirements (10.2.7)

Version 10.2.7 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET contains APIs to develop for Windows Desktop, Windows Store, and Windows Phone. Each API has specific system requirements for your development machine as well as for the machines and devices to which you will deploy your app.

Requirements for app development

The requirements for the machine on which you develop your apps are listed here.

Supported platforms

Supported IDEs


ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET uses DirectX to provide high-performance map rendering. DirectX provides support for hardware and software rendering of graphics, and is provided by the supported Windows platforms.

Requirements for deployment targets

The requirements for the target machine or device to which you deploy your apps are listed here.

Supported platforms

ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS for Portal

To connect your app to ArcGIS for Server data or services, use ArcGIS for Server version 10.0 or later. To use ArcGIS for Server data when your app is offline, use ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2 or later.

You can use ArcGIS for Portal version 10.2 or later with your Runtime apps.

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