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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.LocalServices Namespace

Contains classes to work with ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK, an optional component of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET that can be downloaded separately for Windows (32- and 64-bit). ArcGIS Runtime Local Server is primarily for executing offline geoprocessing tasks in your ArcGIS Runtime applications. These tasks work in the same way as geoprocessing tasks published from ArcGIS Server. Running a geoprocessing task on ArcGIS Runtime Local Server requires a geoprocessing package (.gpk file). These packages are authored in ArcGIS Desktop either using Model Builder or by writing a Python script. ArcGIS Runtime Local Server also allows your application to consume map image layers or feature layers that use local content in a map package (.mpk file). These packages are authored and created using ArcGIS Desktop. NOTE: The localServices namespace is in an assembly included with the Esri.ArcGISRuntime.LocalServices NuGet package.
Public classCode exampleDynamicWorkspace
Represents information about a workspace to which the LocalMapService can connect in order to allow the dynamic switching SublayerSources within this workspace.
Public classEnterpriseGeodatabaseWorkspace
An enterprise geodatabase workspace can be used to create a SublayerSource which displays data from the database.
Public classFileGeodatabaseWorkspace
A file geodatabase workspace can be used to create a SublayerSource that displays data from the geodatabase.
Public classCode exampleLocalFeatureService
The LocalFeatureService class represents a Feature Service hosted by the LocalServer.
Public classCode exampleLocalGeoprocessingService
A class representing a local geoprocessing service hosted by the runtime local server.
Public classCode exampleLocalMapService
The LocalMapService class represents a map service hosted by the LocalServer.
Public classCode exampleLocalServer
A singleton representing a local server. This class enables a number of LocalService types to be created based on local geographic content.
Public classLocalServerEnvironment
This class is used to control Initialization and process wide settings for the ArcGIS Local Server.
Public classLocalServerException
Represents an error returned from the LocalServer.
Public classCode exampleLocalService
Provides a base class for services which can be initialized on the runtime LocalServer.
Public classCode exampleRasterWorkspace
A raster workspace can be used with a RasterSublayerSource to create a SublayerSource that displays a raster image.
Public classCode exampleShapefileWorkspace
A shapefile workspace can be used to create a SublayerSource that displays the data from a shapefile.
Public classCode exampleStatusChangedEventArgs
Event argument used by StatusChanged and StatusChanged
Public enumerationCode exampleGeoprocessingServiceType
The GeoprocessingServiceType enumeration contains values which are used to determine how a LocalGeoprocessingService will run.
Public enumerationCode exampleLocalServerStatus
Indicates the current status of the LocalServer.