Query and edit


A query provides the ability to return a subset of features from a dataset based on any combination of attribute, spatial, and temporal criteria. For defining attribute criteria, you can use a compound SQL expression that uses several attribute fields, data types, and operators. For example the SQL expression "POP > 1000000 AND NAME LIKE 'San%'" will obtain a subset of features where the population is greater than 100,000 people and where the city name begins with the characters "San" (like San Diego, San Francisco, San Antonio, etc.).

A query does not require that all types of criteria be defined (attribute, spatial, and temporal). Leaving spatial and temporal filters undefined, for example, means that the search will not be restricted using those criteria (in other words, the entire spatial and temporal extent will be evaluated).

You can also perform queries to return related features, a feature count, an extent containing all features meeting your criteria, or statistical information about a dataset. See the Query topic for details.


Fine grained control over editing operations is available by using the editing API, allowing you to do the following:

  • Create and delete features
  • Edit attributes and geometry of features
  • Add, edit and remove feature attachments

A variety of editing workflows is supported, including both connected and disconnected (offline) editing. See the Edit topic for details.


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