Release notes for 100.4

This page provides details about enhancements in the 100.4 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET. It also lists this release's deprecations, resolved issues, and known issues.


This section describes new features and improvements.

Offline maps

  • You can now gain fine-grained control over how individual layers are taken offline. Use the layer specific overrides to adjust settings such as whether to omit layers, the area of interest, attribute queries and attachments behavior on a per-service basis.
  • Support has been added for a "fail fast" mode when taking maps offline. By default, a job will run to completion even if a layer or table has problems.
  • The offline local item has been enhanced to allow you to update meta-data on the client.
  • Additional meta-data has been added to Job messages. This information includes the time-stamp and severity of a given message.

Behavior changes include:

  • The on-demand workflow will now honor the scale range of a tiled layer as specified by the web map. This behavior helps to ensure that only the tile data required by the offline map is downloaded.
  • The default behavior for taking a map with related tables offline has been updated such that only the related records from a destination table will be included. All unrelated records will be excluded. This ensures that the offline map contains only the related records that are relevant to the offline features. If you wish to revert to the old behavior (taking all records offline) you can adjust the value of destination table row filter provided by the generate offline map parameters.

Support for MrSID raster format

Multiresolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID) raster format is based on a proprietary compression technique for maintaining the quality of large images. It allows for a high compression ratio and fast access to large amounts of data at any scale without having to decompress the entire file. You can display MrSID data using raster layers in both 2D maps and 3D scenes, and also apply raster functions. Generations 2, 3, and 4 of MrSID are supported.


Runtime now supports reading and displaying KML content in both 2D maps and 3D scenes. You can use KML and KMZ files either from a location on disk or on the web. At this release, the following features are supported in KML version 2.2:

  • Placemarks (point, line, and polygon), ground overlays, labels, and 3D models
  • Screen overlays, Photo overlays
  • Network links, including support for automatic refresh intervals
  • Time awareness - KML layers participate in time filtering
  • Altitude mode (Absolute and Clamp-To-Ground/draped)
  • Ability to identify Placemarks and get Balloon popup content

Local server compatibility

Local Server version 100.3 works with ArcGIS Runtime 100.4.0. There is no Local Server 100.4 release.

API changes

UI controls namespace change for Xamarin.Android

In previous releases, Esri UI controls (including MapView and SceneView) could be accessed through the Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UI namespace in Android layout files (.axml). In 100.4, the control namespace is Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UI.Controls. In your .axml Android layout files, change all instances of Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UI with Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UI.Controls to avoid run time errors when loading layouts.


Support for development of UWP apps for the ARM32 architecture was deprecated in the previous release and ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.4 is the last release to support it.

Support for iOS 10 was deprecated in the previous release and ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.4 is the last release to support it. A minimum of iOS 11 will be required at 100.5.

Issues resolved

  • BUG-000115436 Gap at horizon when edge of scene is below sea level and elevation exaggeration is greater than 1.

  • BUG-000116204 There are excessive "Fork" instructions in Driving Directions when passing through intersections with turning slips

  • BUG-000116629 Route Task resource string ArgumentNullException: 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: format'

  • BUG-000112142 Application crashes after repeatedly changing the value for the display setting in Windows 10: Scale and Layout

  • BUG-000113103 The heading direction does not update correctly when device orientation is changed in CompassNavigation mode for the LocationDisplay in Xamain Forms application.

  • BUG-000114899 SketchEditor doesn't draw the graphics but pans the map right after changing the zoom level.

  • BUG-000116794 FeatureLayer.LoadAsync causes layers to draw incorrectly

  • Screen coordinates on Xamarin Forms Android are now measured in density-independent pixels (DIPs) rather than physical pixels. This is now consistent with the other Xamarin Forms platforms.

Known issues

  • BUG-000115332 Invalid argument error occurs when adding a new or existing feature with geometry to the table

  • BUG-000114932 Labels do not follow through as the map view is zoomed or panned, unlike in ArcGIS Pro.

  • BUG-000115663 Setting MaxFeatures parameter when performing a spatial query returns inconsistent results

  • BUG-000115316 Some layers in the Mobile Map Package don't render in ArcGIS Runtime application.

  • BUG-000116810 QueryFeatures performance is slower in v100.3 when compared to v10.2.x.

  • BUG-000116792 Layers in Mobile Map Package created using ArcGIS Pro do not respect label stacking properties.

  • BUG-000114058 Zooming in on an area that crosses the International Date Line results in the entire basemap.

  • BUG-000113832 DictionaryRenderer is not rendering certain oceanographic point symbols from MIL-STD-2525D correctly.

  • BUG-000109405 Labels generated with python in an Mobile Map Package do not display

  • BUG-000108786 Changing GraphicsRenderingMode from Dynamic to Static and vice versa changes rendering direction of composite symbol placement effect

  • UWP only PortalItem: GetDataAsync for secured portal item for download with OAuth header fails with Bad Request. See Geonet post

  • Custom ServiceImageTiledLayer zoom visibility. See Geonet post

  • BUG-000116502 When quickly generating animated simple marker symbols, the style of the feature layer in the map is replaced by the style of the animated simple marker symbol.

  • BUG-000116526 Runtime must use POST request instead of GET when making FeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync requests that are too long.

  • BUG-000116547 Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Http.ArcGISWebException - Failed to create service - exception thrown by ArcGIS Runtime local server 100.3.0 when trying to run a local service from a local geoprocessing package

  • BUG-000114871 Navigation bars get larger after changing the screen orientation in Xamarin Forms (iOS

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