UI components

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET offers a toolkit with controls and utilities to help simplify your .NET development work. Available components include:

  • ARSceneView: Part of the AR Toolkit, enables integration of GIS content and ARKit/ARCore.
  • Bookmarks: Shows bookmarks, from a map, scene, or a list; navigates the associated MapView/SceneView when a bookmark is selected.
  • Compass: Shows a compass direction when the map is rotated. Auto-hides when the map points north up.
  • FeatureDataField: Displays and optionally allows editing of a single field attribute of a feature.
  • Legend: Displays a legend for a single layer in your map (and optionally for its sub layers).
  • MeasureToolbar: Allows measurement of distances and areas on the map view.
  • PopupViewer: Display details and media, edit attributes, geometry and related records, and manage the attachments of features and graphics (popups are defined in the popup property of features and graphics).
  • ScaleLine: Displays current scale reference.
  • SymbolDisplay: Renders a symbol in a control.
  • TimeSlider: Allows interactively defining a temporal range (i.e. time extent) and animating time moving forward or backward. Can be used to manipulate the time extent in a MapView or SceneView.

For a full list of controls with screenshots, see https://esri.github.io/arcgis-toolkit-dotnet/controls.html.

Install from NuGet

The fastest way to get the toolkit into your app is to install the toolkit from NuGet:

Build from source

You can also build the toolkit from source, which allows you to customize it. For details, see Build from source.



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