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GenerateOfflineMapParameters Properties

The GenerateOfflineMapParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAreaOfInterest
Gets or sets the area of interest for the offline map.
Public propertyAttachmentSyncDirection
Gets or sets a value that specifies the direction for attachments to be synchronized when syncing offline feature layers. This method should be used in conjunction with ReturnLayerAttachmentOption to determine which layers should be taken offline with attachments included.
Public propertyContinueOnErrors
Gets or sets a flag indicating whether or not the GenerateOfflineMapJob should continue running in the event of failure to take a layer offline.
Public propertyDestinationTableRowFilter
Gets or sets a value indicating whether tables will contain all rows or can be filtered to a smaller set of related rows.
Public propertyEsriVectorTilesDownloadOption
Gets or sets a value that describes how Esri vector tiled basemap layers will be downloaded.
Public propertyIncludeBasemap
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not a basemap will be included in the offline map.
Public propertyIsDefinitionExpressionFilterEnabled
Gets or sets a value that indicates if feature layer definition expressions are used when taking feature layers and tables offline.
Public propertyItemInfo
Gets or sets offline map item info used for the local item properties in the offline map.
Public propertyMaxScale
Gets or sets the maximum scale for how far in to extract tiles from tiled services. The default value of 0 means extract the levels down to the most detailed.
Public propertyMinScale
Gets or sets the minimum scale for how far out data will be in tile caches. The 0 default means extract all the available detailed levels to global scales.
Public propertyOnlineOnlyServicesOption
Describes how data that requires an online service will be handled when taking a map offline.
Public propertyCode exampleReferenceBasemapDirectory
Gets or sets the path to a directory on the device where the local basemap file is located.
Public propertyCode exampleReferenceBasemapFilename
Gets or sets the name of a local basemap file on the device that can be used rather than downloading an online basemap.
Public propertyReturnLayerAttachmentOption
Gets or sets a value indicating which type of feature layer will be included when taking feature layers offline. This will include attachments with none of the layers, all of the layers, read only layers or editable layers.
Public propertyReturnSchemaOnlyForEditableLayers
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not feature layers taken offline should be schema only and contain no data.
Public propertyUpdateMode
Gets or sets a value indicating how the offline map will support synchronization with online services.
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