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PopupManager Methods

The PopupManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodCancelEditing
Cancels the edit and rolls back any edits made to the attributes, geometry or attachments.
Public methodEvaluateExpressionsAsync
Asynchronously evaluates all expressions, including Arcade FeatureSet functions available at Expressions. This method must be called before displaying the popup information in a UI and after FinishEditingAsync so you can use the synchronous methods GetFormattedValue(PopupField), Substitute(String), and the CustomDescriptionHtml property to get the formatted string representation. If there are no Expressions then result array will be empty.
Public methodFinishEditingAsync
Completes the edit against the GeoElement
Public methodGetDomain
Gets the domain for the given field
Public methodGetFieldByName
Returns the PopupField for a given field name.
Public methodGetFieldLabel
Gets the label for the specified PopupField.
Public methodGetFieldType
Gets the type of field for the popup field
Public methodGetFieldValue
Gets the attribute value for the field
Public methodGetFormattedValue
Returns a formatted String representation of the current popup field's value.
Public methodGetMaxLength
Gets the maximum text length of the field
Public methodGetValidationError
Gets the validation error for the specified field - if any.
Public methodGetValidationWarning
Gets the validation warning for the specified field.
Public methodIsNullable
Gets a value indicating whether the provided field allow null values
Public methodIsTypeIdField
Gets a value indicating if the provided field is a type id field
Public methodStartEditing
Starts editing of the GeoElement
Public methodSubstitute
Substitutes attribute values for attribute place-holders in a given template string.
Public methodUpdateValue(Object, PopupField)
Updates the attribute value for a field
Public methodUpdateValue(FeatureTemplate, Boolean)
Updates the attribute value for a field
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