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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Mapping.Popups Namespace

Contains classes that allow the display the data of a feature, graphic or pixel (geo elements) in a way that is easier to understand than basic attributes in a row/column format via a 'popup' graphical element that floats on top of the map. Popups are part of the ArcGIS information model and can be configured for individual layers (or sublayers) in a map via a popup definition. They can also be used with graphics and graphics overlays, and pixels and rasters. Popups convert raw data into an information display that is both powerful and easy to read. Some common uses of popups are: display results from an identify (aka. a user map view click) and editing a feature by adding/updating/deleting attributes/geometry.
Public classInvalidCodedValueException
An exception thrown when a coded value cannot be found within a coded value domain (CVD).
Public classInvalidGeoElementStateException
Exception thrown by FinishEditingAsync if the GeoElement was in an invalid state when trying to save the edits.
Public classCode examplePopup
Represents a popup as a pair (GeoElement, PopupDefinition). This connects a Graphic or a Feature to the PopupDefinition defined by its containing layer.
Public classPopupAttachment
Attachment helper class used in conjunction with the PopupAttachmentManager.
Public classPopupAttachmentManager
Attachment helper class used in conjunction with the PopupManager.
Public classPopupDefinition
Defines the appearance and format of popups. Also includes which fields to display.
Public classPopupExpression
Defines an Arcade expression within a popup.
Public classPopupExpressionEvaluation
An object that represents the result of an attempt to evaluate a popup expression.
Public classPopupField
Represents how a geoelement's attribute (field) should be displayed in a popup.
Public classPopupFieldFormat
Represents the formatting of a field when displayed. Applies only to fields of type date or number (float, double, integer).
Public classPopupFieldValue
Contains the value of an attribute field in a popup.
Public classCode examplePopupManager
Instances of this class represent a popup manager that contains the necessary business logic for displaying and editing popup information for geo-elements. This class is useful, for instance, if you want to create your own View for displaying a Popup.
Public classPopupMedia
Represents how a Feature's or Graphic's media attributes are displayed in a popup.
Public classPopupMediaValue
Represents contents of an individual media element in a popup.
Public classPopupRelatedFeaturesDefinition
Contains information about displaying related features in a popup.
Public classPopupRelatedFeaturesSortOrder
Defines the order in which related features of a particular relationship are sorted for display.
Public interfaceIPopupSource
An interface for classes such as ArcGISSublayer, FeatureLayer, RasterLayer, and GraphicsOverlay that support popup and have PopupDefinition.
Public enumerationPopupAttachmentEditState
The add/delete state of the popup attachment
Public enumerationPopupAttachmentType
The type of attachment
Public enumerationPopupDateFormat
Format of a date field in a popup.
Public enumerationPopupExpressionReturnType
The type of the result returned by an Arcade expression.
Public enumerationPopupMediaType
Type of media in a popup.
Public enumerationPopupStringFieldOption
Type of input box presented when editing the field in a popup.