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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Portal Namespace

Contains classes that provide a way to build applications that work with content from ArcGIS Online or an ArcGIS Portal. ArcGIS Portal is software technology from Esri that customers can deploy either on premise or in the cloud. ArcGIS Online is Esri's Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that represents GIS as a Service and is implemented using the same technology as ArcGIS Portal. It allows application developers to work with users, groups and content hosted within ArcGIS Online or within an ArcGIS Portal. Developers can build web, mobile, and desktop applications that support sharing and collaboration using web maps.
Public classCode exampleArcGISPortal
The ArcGISPortal class is part of the Portal API which provides a way to build applications that work with content from ArcGIS Online or an ArcGIS Portal.
Public classElevationServiceInfo
Represents a Limited Error Raster Compression (LERC) elevation service that is provided by the portal.
Public classGeocodeService
An ArcGIS GeocodeServer to use for Geocoding functionality.
Public classHelperService
Represents a generic helper service providing the Url of the service.
Public classHelperServices
Various services needed by clients.
Public classCode exampleItem
Base class for PortalItem and LocalItem
Public classLocalItem
Represents a local item.
Public classPortalAppInfo
The information about the application through which this resource was accessed. This information is based on the token used to access this resource.
Public classCode examplePortalFolder
Represents a sub folder in the home folder of an user. The folders are used to organize content in a portal.
Public classPortalGroup
Represents a group within the portal (e.g., "San Bernardino Fires" ).
Public classPortalGroupContentSearchParameters
Contains search parameters suitable for finding portal items that belong to a PortalGroup.
Public classPortalGroupContentSearchResultSet
Results of a Group Content Search operation performed on a PortalGroup.
Public classPortalGroupUsers
The users and administrators of a group.
Public classPortalInfo
Includes information such as the name, logo, featured items and supported protocols (http vs https) for this portal.
Public classCode examplePortalItem
Represents an item (a unit of content) in the portal. An item may have associated binary or textual data which is available via the GetDataAsync. For example an item of type map package returns the actual bits corresponding to the map package via the item data resource.
Public classPortalItemComment
Represents a comment on a portal item.
Public classPortalItemContentParameters
Represents the content of a portal item to use in a Add or Update operation.
Public classPortalItemGroups
The groups that can access a portal item.
Public classPortalPrivilege
Represents a user privilege associated with a Portal.
Public classCode examplePortalQueryParameters
Parameters to provide as input of a paginated query such as FindUsersAsync(PortalQueryParameters, CancellationToken)
Public classCode examplePortalQueryResultSetT
Represents the result of a portal search returning an enumeration of T objects.
Public classCode examplePortalUser
Represents a registered user of the portal. Personal details of the user, such as email and groups, are returned only to the user or the administrator of the user's organization. A user is not visible to any other users (except their organization's administrator) if their access setting is set to 'private'.
Public classCode examplePortalUserContent
Represents the content (folders and items) of a portal user.
Public classSubscriptionInfo
Provides information about the user's subscription.
Public classUnsuccessfulOperationException
Exception returned when a portal POST operation didn't succeed (i.e. returned success=false)
Public enumerationLocalItemType
An enumeration of various types of portal items.
Public enumerationPortalAccess
Indicates the level of access to a portal object: private, shared, organization, or public.
Public enumerationPortalGroupSortField
Portal privilege roles
Public enumerationPortalItemRelationship
An enumeration of portal item relationships.
Public enumerationPortalItemRelationshipDirection
An enumeration of portal item relationship directions.
Public enumerationCode examplePortalItemType
An enumeration of various types of portal items.
Public enumerationPortalLoginType
Supported login types for a portal.
Public enumerationPortalMode
Portal mode (multi-tenant or single-tenant).
Public enumerationPortalPrivilegeRealm
Portal privilege realms
Public enumerationPortalPrivilegeRole
Portal privilege roles
Public enumerationPortalPrivilegeType
Portal privilege types
Public enumerationPortalQuerySortOrder
Sort order options for search operations.
Public enumerationPortalUnits Obsolete.
User defined units for measurement.
Public enumerationPortalUserRole
User roles
Public enumerationSubscriptionState
The state of the user's subscription.