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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Rasters Namespace

Contains classes that support direct read, display and manipulate rasters. A raster consists of a matrix of cells (or pixels) organized into rows and columns (or a grid) where each cell contains a value representing information (ex: temperature, elevation, flow direction, etc.). Examples of raster data sources are digital aerial photographs, imagery from satellites, digital pictures, or even scanned maps. Raster data is displayed via a raster layer. Raster layers have the ability to apply different renderers to visualize the data in many ways. Raster layers can have raster functions applied to perform spatial analysis. Multiple raster data sets can be visually merged together to form a mosaic dataset. Raster layers support re-projection to align data visually with other GIS datasets.
Public classAddRastersParameters
Adds raster datasets to a MosaicDatasetRaster by setting various parameters.
Public classBaseStretchRenderer
An abstract base stretch raster renderer.
Public classCode exampleBlendRenderer
A blend raster renderer.
Public classColormap
A colormap object.
Public classCode exampleColormapRenderer
A colormap raster renderer.
Public classCode exampleColorRamp
The color ramp object.
Public classFrameCameraAddRastersParameters
Adds raster datasets to a MosaicDatasetRaster by setting various parameters including the use of frame and camera text files.
Public classCode exampleGeoPackageRaster
The GeoPackage raster object which is derived from Raster
Public classCode exampleHillshadeRenderer
A hillshade renderer used to visualize raster data. A hillshade (also known as shaded relief) is a grayscale representation of a 3D surface, with the sun's relative position taken into account for shading the image.
Public classHistogramEqualizationStretchParameters
The histogram equalization stretch parameters object.
Public classCode exampleImageServiceRaster
An instance of this class represents a raster that is retrieved from an ArcGIS image service.
Public classCode exampleMinMaxStretchParameters
The minimum/maximum stretch parameters object.
Public classMosaicDatasetRaster
The mosaic dataset object which is derived from a raster object.
Public classCode exampleMosaicRule
A rule determining how a requested image should participate in the mosaic.
Public classCode examplePercentClipStretchParameters
The percent clip stretch parameters object.
Public classCode exampleRaster
A raster datasource.
Public classRasterCell
A raster cell.
Public classCode exampleRasterFunction
The raster function object.
Public classCode exampleRasterFunctionArguments
The raster function arguments object.
Public classCode exampleRasterRenderer
An abstract base raster renderer.
Public classCode exampleRenderingRule
An instance of this class represents the rule for how the requested image should be rendered or processed.
Public classCode exampleRenderingRuleInfo
A class that represents information about a rendering rule that is predefined on an ArcGIS Image Service.
Public classCode exampleRgbRenderer
A RGB raster renderer.
Public classCode exampleStandardDeviationStretchParameters
The standard deviation stretch parameters object.
Public classCode exampleStretchParameters
The color ramp object.
Public classCode exampleStretchRenderer
A stretch raster renderer.
Public enumerationCode exampleMosaicMethod
Enumerates mosaic method types.
Public enumerationCode exampleMosaicOperation
Enumerates mosaic method types.
Public enumerationPansharpenType
The list of raster pansharpen types.
Public enumerationPixelType
The list of raster pixel types.
Public enumerationCode examplePresetColorRampType
Predefined color ramp names.
Public enumerationRasterType
The list of raster types.
Public enumerationCode exampleSlopeType
The manner used to express slope in an elevation surface.