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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Symbology Namespace

Contains classes to render features in a layer with symbols. Symbols are graphics used to represent a geographic feature or class of features. Symbols can look like what they represent (trees, railroads, houses), or they can be abstract shapes (points, lines, polygons) or characters. Typically symbols vary with visual properties such as: color, size, rotation, image, text, shape, etc. to differentiate certain characteristics in the layer. Once a symbol is defined with is various visual properties, they are added to a Renderer (ClassBreaksRenderer, SimpleRenderer, UniqueValueRenderer, etc.) and then applied to the layer for visual representation. Default symbology is usually provided for layers.
Public classCode exampleClassBreak
A class break object used to categorize a group of values that fall within a range of values. It represents a unique value or combination of values and a matching symbol in a ClassBreaksRenderer.
Public classClassBreakCollection
A collection of ClassBreaks.
Public classCode exampleClassBreaksRenderer
A custom symbology renderer where the features of a Layer are displayed via groups based upon numerical data. The groups (aka. class breaks) are defined by specified MinValue and MaxValue values in the ClassBreakInfo objects of the ClassBreaks collection.
Public classCode exampleCompositeSymbol
Defines a set of symbols that make up a single symbol.
Public classDashGeometricEffect
A GeometricEffect represents a pattern of dashes and gaps for a of a line symbol .
Public classCode exampleDictionaryRenderer
Renders geoelements using symbols generated from a DictionarySymbolStyle.
Public classCode exampleDictionarySymbolStyle
A dictionary symbol style object containing symbol primitives and rules for generating symbols from attribute values.
Public classDictionarySymbolStyleConfiguration
Configuration settings for a custom DictionarySymbolStyle.
Public classCode exampleDistanceCompositeSceneSymbol
Defines a set of symbols and their visible distance range.
Public classCode exampleDistanceSymbolRange
Defines a minimum and maximum distance for rendering the symbol.
Public classFillSymbol
Base class for fill symbols used for displaying polygons
Public classFillSymbolLayer
A base class for fill symbol layers.
Public classGeometricEffect
A base class for multilayer symbol geometric effect.
Public classHatchFillSymbolLayer
A class that implements hatch fill symbol layer inside of the geometry attached to a multilayer polygon symbol.
Public classLineSymbol
Base class for line symbols used for lines or polygon outlines
Public classMarkerSceneSymbol
Base class for symbols used in a Scene
Public classCode exampleMarkerSymbol
Base class for Marker symbols used for displaying points
Public classMarkerSymbolLayer
A base class for marker symbol layers, representing a symbol layer used to display a marker.
Public classCode exampleModelSceneSymbol
Used to display point or multipoint geoelements in a scene using a 3D model.
Public classCode exampleMultilayerPointSymbol
Multilayer Point symbol.
Public classMultilayerPolygonSymbol
Multilayer Polygon symbol.
Public classMultilayerPolylineSymbol
Multilayer Polyline symbol.
Public classMultilayerSymbol
A base class for multilayer symbols. Multilayer symbols are built from multiple layers of symbols, which combine to let you add complex symbols to maps and scenes.
Public classPictureFillSymbol
Uses an image to symbolize the fill for a polygon geoelement.
Public classPictureFillSymbolLayer
A class that represents polygon geometry filled with an image.
Public classCode examplePictureMarkerSymbol
Uses an image to symbolize geoelements that have point or multipoint geometry.
Public classPictureMarkerSymbolLayer
A struct that implements picture marker symbol layers.
Public classCode exampleRenderer
Base class for renderers used to display features in a Layer or GraphicsOverlay.
Public classCode exampleRendererSceneProperties
Collection of properties for renderers that participate in a Scene.
Public classSceneSymbol
Base class for symbols used in a Scene
Public classCode exampleSimpleFillSymbol
A basic color or pattern used to fill polygon features on a map. Use the Color, Outline, and Style Properties to modify its appearance.
Public classCode exampleSimpleLineSymbol
A basic color and pattern used to represent polyline features on a map. Use the Color, Style, and Width Properties to modify its appearance.
Public classCode exampleSimpleMarkerSceneSymbol
Base class for symbols used in a Scene
Public classCode exampleSimpleMarkerSymbol
A basic color and marker shape used to represent point features on a map. At a minimum use the Color, Outline, Size, and Style Properties to modify its default appearance. Other Properties are also available for more generate more complex visualizations.
Public classCode exampleSimpleRenderer
A custom symbology renderer where the features of a Layer are displayed as a single symbol.
Public classSolidFillSymbolLayer
A class that implements solid fill symbol layer.
Public classSolidStrokeSymbolLayer
A class for stroke symbol layers with customized geometric effects. Currently it supports only dash effects. Commonly used in line symbols to describe the appearance of the line, or in polygon symbols as an outline.
Public classStrokeSymbolLayer
A StrokeSymbolLayer represents a symbol layer that, when applied to a polyline geometry, draws a stroke along that geometry. The StrokeSymbolLayer can also control drawing the outline of a polygon geometry.
Public classCode exampleSymbol
A base class to represent symbols.
Public classSymbolAnchor
Implements the anchor of a symbol layer, including placement mode and x, y anchor values.
Public classCode exampleSymbolLayer
A base class to represent symbol layers, which are the fundamental components used to build multilayer symbols.
Public classCode exampleSymbolStyle
A symbol style object.
Public classCode exampleSymbolStyleSearchParameters
Search parameters used to search for symbol primitives in a SymbolDictionary.
Public classCode exampleSymbolStyleSearchResult
A search result object returned by symbol dictionary.
Public classCode exampleTextSymbol
Text symbol used to draw text as a marker symbol
Public classCode exampleUniqueValue
Represents a unique value or combination of values and a matching symbol in a UniqueValueRenderer.
Public classCode exampleUniqueValueCollection
A collection of UniqueValues
Public classCode exampleUniqueValueRenderer
A custom symbology renderer where the features of a Layer are displayed via groups based upon specified values found in an attribute field. The groups (aka. unique values) are defined as discreet occurrences specified as Values in UniqueValue objects of the UniqueValues collection.
Public classVectorMarkerSymbolElement
The VectorMarkerSymbolElement represents a component of a vector marker. A single VectorMarkerSymbolElement is a combination of a symbol and a geometry.
Public classVectorMarkerSymbolLayer
The VectorMarkerSymbolLayer represents a marker comprising vector graphics.
Public enumerationCode exampleExtrusionMode
The options for handling extrusion values.
Public enumerationFontDecoration
Describes the text decoration to be used when drawing text symbol. The default value is FontDecoration.None.
Public enumerationFontStyle
Describes the font style to be used when drawing text symbol. The default value is FontStyle.Normal.
Public enumerationFontWeight
Describes the font weight to be used when drawing text symbol. The default value is Normal.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Horizontal alignment of TextSymbol text.
Public enumerationRendererClassificationMethod
The classification method used to generate class breaks.
Public enumerationRendererNormalizationType
Defines the statistical normalization technique used to adjust values measured on different scales to a notionally common scale, often prior to averaging. This enumeration is used by the ClassBreaksRenderer.NormalizationType Property.
Public enumerationRotationType
The RotationType enum controls the origin and direction of rotation given by the rotation expression.
Public enumerationCode exampleSceneSymbolAnchorPosition
The list of possible scene symbol anchor placements.
Public enumerationCode exampleSimpleFillSymbolStyle
Represents the style of a SimpleFillSymbol
Public enumerationSimpleLineSymbolMarkerPlacement
The list of possible marker placements on a simple line symbol.
Public enumerationSimpleLineSymbolMarkerStyle
The list of possible marker styles to place on a simple line symbol.
Public enumerationCode exampleSimpleLineSymbolStyle
Represents the style of a SimpleLineSymbol.
Public enumerationCode exampleSimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyle
The list of possible simple marker scene symbol styles.
Public enumerationCode exampleSimpleMarkerSymbolStyle
Represents the style of a SimpleMarkerSymbol
Public enumerationStrokeSymbolLayerCapStyle
The list of possible cap styles.
Public enumerationStrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3D
The list of possible 3D line styles.
Public enumerationSymbolAnchorPlacementMode
The list of possible symbol anchor placement modes.
Public enumerationSymbolAngleAlignment
Defines the way the rotation angle is used by the marker symbol
Public enumerationSymbolSizeUnits
A list of possible size units for symbols.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Vertical alignment for TextSymbol text.