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Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Tasks.Offline Namespace

The Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Tasks.Offline namespace contains classes to download maps, geodatabases, and basemaps from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise to the local device and to synchronize content when online.
Public classCode exampleDownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob
A job to download the map area from an online map as part of the preplanned offline workflow.
Public classCode exampleDownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters
Parameters used for creating a DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob.
Public classCode exampleDownloadPreplannedOfflineMapResult
Public classEstimateTileCacheSizeJob
A job that estimates the size of a tile cache from a service.
Public classEstimateTileCacheSizeResult
Results of an export tile cache size estimate job
Public classCode exampleExportTileCacheJob
A job that exports a tile cache from a service.
Public classCode exampleExportTileCacheParameters
Parameters for an export tile cache operation
Public classCode exampleExportTileCacheTask
A task used to export a tile cache (.tpk or .tpkx). Use this in conjunction with a map or image service to generate and download tile packages.
Public classExportVectorTilesJob
A job to download vector tiles and associated styles from a vector tile service. The job can also export an item resource cache from a portal item.
Public classExportVectorTilesParameters
Parameters for an ExportVectorTilesTask operation.
Public classExportVectorTilesResult
A class representing the result of an ExportVectorTilesJob.
Public classExportVectorTilesTask
A task used to export vector tiles and optionally a portal item's vector tile style resources.
Public classCode exampleGenerateGeodatabaseJob
A job that requests a feature service to generate a geodatabase file to be downloaded for offline use.
Public classCode exampleGenerateGeodatabaseParameters
Represents the parameters to a generate method on a geodatabase sync task.
Public classCode exampleGenerateLayerOption
This can be used in conjunction with GenerateGeodatabaseParameters object to refine per layer what features are replicated.
Public classCode exampleGenerateOfflineMapJob
A Job to generate an offline map from an online map.
Public classCode exampleGenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides
Class that gives access to the individual parameters objects that will generate the various geodatabase, vector tile and tile cache packages that make up the data of an offline map.
Public classCode exampleGenerateOfflineMapParameters
Parameters used for creating a GenerateOfflineMapJob.
Public classCode exampleGenerateOfflineMapResult
The result of a GenerateOfflineMapJob.
Public classGeodatabaseDeltaInfo
Represents the delta files created to synchronize changes to a Geodatabase.
Public classCode exampleGeodatabaseSyncTask
Task for generating and syncing offline data from an ArcGIS Server FeatureService.
Public classOfflineCapability
Describes whether a layer or table can be included in an offline map.
Public classOfflineMapCapabilities
Indicates if there is at least one layer or table that cannot be included in the offline map.
Public classOfflineMapItemInfo
Contains properties to override the offline maps item properties.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapParametersKey
A key comprising of a service URL and type of an online service. The key is used to lookup values in a dictionary exposed by a GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapSyncJob
A Job to synchronize an offline map's geodatabases with their originating services.
Public classOfflineMapSyncLayerResult
The result of a OfflineMapSyncJob for a single layer or table.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapSyncParameters
Parameters used for creating a OfflineMapSyncJob.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapSyncResult
The result of a OfflineMapSyncJob.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapSyncTask
A task with methods related to synchronizing an offline map's geodatabases with their originating services.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapTask
A task used to take a map offline.
Public classOfflineMapUpdateCapabilities
Describes supported methods for obtaining updates for a preplanned map area.
Public classCode exampleOfflineMapUpdatesInfo
Provides information on the available updates for an offline map.
Public classCode examplePreplannedMapArea
Represents a single preplanned offline map area.
Public classCode exampleSyncGeodatabaseJob
Represents a job that synchronizes changes to a local geodatabase back to a feature service.
Public classCode exampleSyncGeodatabaseParameters
Public classCode exampleSyncLayerOption
This can be used in conjunction with SyncGeodatabaseParameters object to specify per layer synchronization options.
Public enumerationAttachmentSyncDirection
The direction to synchronize attachments as part of geodatabase sync task.
Public enumerationDestinationTableRowFilter
Indicates whether tables will contain all rows or can be filtered to a smaller set of related rows. Used by the DestinationTableRowFilter property.
Public enumerationEsriVectorTilesDownloadOption
Enumerates options for downloading an Esri vector tile basemap service.
Public enumerationCode exampleGenerateLayerQueryOption
Control which features are copied from the server when creating a geodatabase.
Public enumerationGenerateOfflineMapUpdateMode
Different modes for synchronization of features in a generated offline map.
Public enumerationOfflineMapParametersType
Indicates the type of parameters object used to take layers offline.
Public enumerationCode exampleOfflineUpdateAvailability
Enumerates whether offline data has updates, has no updates, or that the availability of updates cannot be determined.
Public enumerationOnlineOnlyServicesOption
Enumerates the possible options for dealing with online-only services (those that cannot be taken offline).
Public enumerationPreplannedPackagingStatus
Enumerates the different packaging states that an online PreplannedMapArea can be in.
Public enumerationCode examplePreplannedScheduledUpdatesOption
Enumerates options for downloading read-only preplanned updates from an online map area.
Public enumerationCode examplePreplannedUpdateMode
Different modes for how updates are obtained for a preplanned map area.
Public enumerationReturnLayerAttachmentOption
Indicate the type of layers we wish to include attachments with when taking feature layers offline.
Public enumerationCode exampleSyncDirection
The direction to synchronize as part of geodatabase sync task.
Public enumerationCode exampleSyncModel
Specifies the synchronization model for the replica being created: per-layer, per-geodatabase, or none.
Public enumerationUtilityNetworkSyncMode
The different modes for generation and synchronization of utility networks as part of a geodatabase sync task.