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Scene Properties

The Scene type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllLayers
Gets all layers in the order they are rendered (bottom-most first).
Public propertyCode exampleBasemap
Gets or sets the basemap for the Scene
Public propertyCode exampleBaseSurface
Gets or sets the base surface for the scene.
Public propertyBookmarks
Gets the bookmarks associated with the scene.
Public propertyCode exampleInitialViewpoint
Gets or sets the view point where the scene should start up at.
Public propertyItem
Gets the ArcGIS Item for the scene.
Public propertyLoadError
Gets the load error for this instance - if any.
Public propertyLoadSettings
Gets or sets the load settings for a scene. The load settings class contains a set of properties which controls rendering options which are applied as the scene is loaded.
Public propertyLoadStatus
Gets the current load status of the scene.
Public propertyCode exampleOperationalLayers
Gets the collection of operational layers in the scene.
Public propertySceneViewTilingScheme
Gets the SceneViewTilingScheme as used to render tile based data.
Public propertySpatialReference
Gets the spatial reference for the scene
Public propertyTables
Gets the list of tables in the scene.
Public propertyTransportationNetworks
Gets a collection of transportation network datasets defined for the scene.
Public propertyUnknownJson
Gets the unknown JSON from the source JSON
Public propertyUnsupportedJson
Gets the unsupported data from the source JSON
Public propertyVersion
Gets the version for the scene.
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