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DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters Properties

The DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContinueOnErrors
Gets or sets a flag indicating whether or not the DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob should continue running in the event of failure to take a layer offline.
Public propertyIncludeBasemap
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not a basemap will be included in the offline map.
Public propertyPreplannedMapArea
Gets or sets the PreplannedMapArea that will be downloaded for offline use.
Public propertyReferenceBasemapDirectory
Gets or sets the path to a directory on the device where the local basemap file is located.
Public propertyReferenceBasemapFilename
Gets or sets the name of a local basemap file on the device which can be used rather than downloading an online basemap.
Public propertyCode exampleUpdateMode
Gets or sets a value that describes how the offline map will obtain feature updates from the online service.
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