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GenerateGeodatabaseParameters Properties

The GenerateGeodatabaseParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttachmentSyncDirection
Gets or sets the direction for attachments to be synchronized.
Public propertyExtent
Gets or sets the Geometry used to intersect the features in the service to replicate into the geodatabase.
Public propertyCode exampleLayerOptions
Gets the list of layer options which identifies layers and tables to include in the geodatabase if the sync model is layer.
Public propertyCode exampleOutSpatialReference
Gets or sets the SpatialReference used for the generated geodatabase.
Public propertyReturnAttachments
Gets or sets a value indicating whether attachments are added to the geodatabase.
Public propertyCode exampleSyncModel
Gets or sets the synchronization model that will be used generate a geodatabase.
Public propertyUtilityNetworkSyncMode
Gets or sets a value that specifies the generation and synchronization mode of Utility Network data from the service to an offline geodatabase.
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