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MapView Properties

The MapView type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributionText
Gets the full attribution text for all active layers, concatenated into a single string.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyBackgroundGrid
Gets or sets the background grid rendered behind the map data.
Public propertyDrawStatus
Returns the current draw status
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyGraphicsOverlays
Gets or sets the GraphicsOverlayCollection.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyGrid
Gets or sets the grid that is available to the map for display.
Public propertyInteractionOptions
Gets or sets a set of properties that control user interaction with the MapView.
Public propertyIsAttributionTextVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether Esri attribution text is visible.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyIsCalloutVisible
Gets a value indicating whether a callout is currently open
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyIsNavigating
Gets a value indicating whether the map is currently navigating. when navigation has finished the NavigationCompleted event will be raised.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyIsWrapAroundEnabled
Indicates whether the wrap around feature is currently active. For wrap around to be active the WrapAroundMode property must be set to true and the SpatialReference of the MapView control must be a SpatialReference that supports wrapping.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyLabeling
Gets or sets the ViewLabelProperties.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyLocationDisplay
Gets or sets the location display settings used for display the device's current location.
Public propertyMap
Gets or sets the map the view is rendering.
Public propertyMapRotation
Gets the current rotational heading of the map
Public propertyMapScale
Gets the current scale of the map
Public propertyOverlays
Gets the XAML elements that can be used to overlay on the map, and placed using the MapOverlayAnchor attached property.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertySelectionProperties
Gets or sets the selection properties that is applied to graphic overlays and layers within the view.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertySketchEditor
Gets or sets the sketch editor used for drawing and editing on the map.
Public propertySpatialReference
Gets the current spatial reference of the map
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyTimeExtent
Gets or sets the time extent that is applied to layers within the view
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyUnitsPerPixel
Gets the current size of each device independent pixel in map units.
Public propertyViewInsets
Gets or sets the viewport inset padding.
(Inherited from GeoView.)
Public propertyVisibleArea
Gets the view's visible area.
Public propertyWrapAroundMode
Gets or sets a whether the map will do continuous pan across the antimeridian
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