ArcGIS Developer Pricing Pay as you go pricing

ArcGIS Developer Pricing Pay as you go pricing

Pay as you go pricing

50 free service credits per month

$0.10 per additional credit

Each plan includes free service credits which can be used for accessing services such as routing, geocoding, spatial analysis, and data storage. For more details see understanding credits.

1,000,000 transactions per month

Basemaps and search

With each plan you can build apps that display ArcGIS basemaps and search for addresses and places. If you need more than 1 million transactions per month, contact us.

Search and Geocoding

Task Service Credits Approx. USD
Geosearch, Individual Address - Not Stored [1] 0 credits Free*
Place Searches - Not Stored [1] 0 credits Free*
Geocode, Batch or Stored [1] 0.04 credit $.004
Place Searches Stored [1] 0.04 credit $.004
Batch per 1,000 Geocodes 40 credits $4.00

[1] If you don't need to store the results of a geocode request, you can make 1,000,000 (one million) requests per month included with your free ArcGIS Developer subscription. Storing the results of a geocode request is a paid service that requires passing a token to the REST endpoint. Learn more about our service structure and deployment plans.

Routing and Directions

Task Service Credits Approx. USD
Routing 0.005 credits per route $0.0005
Advanced Routing 0.5 credits per route $0.05
Multi Vehicle Route 1 credit per route $0.10
Service Area 0.5 credits per area $0.05
Closest Facility 0.5 credits per route $0.05
Location-Allocation 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Origin-Destination Cost Matrix 0.0005 credits per input origin/destination pair $0.00005
Display Traffic 0 credits $0.0

Demographic Data

Task Service Credits Approx. USD
Stored GeoEnrichment Variable [1] 0.01 credit per variable, per feature $0.001
Non-Stored GeoEnrichment Request 0.01 credit per variable $0.001
Generated Infographic View 0.01 credit per variable $0.001
Demographic Maps 0.01 credit per pan, zoom, and identify $0.001
Generated Report 10 credits $1.00

[1] The GeoEnrichment Service is billed differently depending on whether you store the request or not. A stored request returns a variable that you may permanently add to your data, or via the "Enrich Layer" spatial analysis task, while a non-stored request is used for visualizations and other non-permanent uses.

Spatial Analysis

Task Service Credits Approx. USD
Aggregate Points, Join Features, Summarize Nearby (with distance), Find Existing Locations, Derive New Locations, Create Viewshed, Create Watersheds, Trace Downstream, Calculate Density, Find Hot Spots, Find Outliers, Interpolate Points, Create Buffers, Extract Data, Dissolve Boundaries, Merge Layers, Overlay Layers 1 credit per 1000 features $0.10
Summarize Nearby (with travel mode) 0.5 credits per area $0.05
Choose Best Facilities 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Enrich Layer 1 credit per 1000 attributes queried $0.10
Create Drive-Time Areas .5 credits per feature $0.05
Find Nearest 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Plan Routes 1 credit per vehicle route $0.10
Connect Origins to Destinations 0.04 credits per route $0.004

Analysis pricing is based on the number of features analyzed or tasks performed during analysis.

Data Storage

Data Pricing Service Credits Approx. USD
Access feature services (manage, edit, query) No cost No cost
Feature Service Storage (import and create, excludes feature attachments) 240 credits per 1 GB $0.10/credit
Tile and Data Storage (map tiles, feature attachments, scene layer packages, and documents) 2.4 credits per 1 GB $0.10/credit

All hosted data credits are billed monthly for the storage space used.

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