arcgis.geoanalytics.find_locations module

These tools are used to identify areas that meet a number of different criteria you specify.

find_similar_locations finds locations most similar to one or more reference locations based on criteria you specify.


find_locations.find_similar_locations(input_layer, search_layer, analysis_fields, most_or_least_similar: str = 'MostSimilar', match_method: str = 'AttributeValues', number_of_results: int = 10, append_fields: str = None, output_name: str = None, gis=None)

Based on criteria you specify, find similar locations by measuring the similarity of locations in your candidate search layer to one or more reference locations.

For example

  • Find the ten most similar stores by examining the number of employees and the annual sales.
  • Find the 100 most similar cities by examining the relationship between population, annual growth, and tax revenue.


input_layer: Input Layer (feature layer). Required parameter.

search_layer: Search Layer (feature layer). Required parameter.

analysis_fields: Analysis Fields (str). Required parameter.

most_or_least_similar: Most Or Least Similar (str). Required parameter.
Choice list:[‘MostSimilar’, ‘LeastSimilar’, ‘Both’]
match_method: Match Method (str). Required parameter.
Choice list:[‘AttributeValues’, ‘AttributeProfiles’]

number_of_results: Number Of Results (int). Required parameter.

append_fields: Fields To Append To Output (str). Optional parameter.

output_name: Output Features Name (str). Required parameter.

gis: Optional, the GIS on which this tool runs. If not specified, the active GIS is used.

output - Output feature layer Item