arcgis.geoanalytics.manage_data module

These tools are used for the day-to-day management of geographic and tabular data.

copy_to_data_store copies data to your ArcGIS Data Store and creates a layer in your web GIS.


manage_data.copy_to_data_store(input_layer, output_name: str = None, gis=None)

Copies an input feature layer or table to an ArcGIS Data Store and creates a layer in your web GIS.

For example

  • Copy a collection of .csv files in a big data file share to the spatiotemporal data store for visualization.
  • Copy the features in the current map extent that are stored in the spatiotemporal data store to the relational data store.

This tool will take an input layer and copy it to a data store. Data will be copied to the ArcGIS Data Store and will be stored in your relational or spatiotemporal data store.

For example, you could copy features that are stored in a big data file share to a relational data store and specify that only features within the current map extent will be copied. This would create a hosted feature service with only those features that were within the specified map extent.


input_layer: Input Layer (feature layer). Required parameter.

output_name: Output Layer Name (str). Required parameter.

gis: Optional, the GIS on which this tool runs. If not specified, the active GIS is used.

output - Output Layer as a feature layer collection item