arcgis.geoanalytics.use_proximity module

These tools help answer one of the most common questions posed in spatial analysis: What is near what?

create_buffers() creates areas of a specified distance from features.


use_proximity.create_buffers(input_layer, distance: float = 1, distance_unit: str = 'Miles', field: str = None, method: str = 'Planar', dissolve_option: str = 'None', dissolve_fields: str = None, summary_fields: str = None, multipart: bool = False, output_name: str = None, context: str = None, gis=None)

A buffer is an area that covers a given distance from a point, line, or polygon feature.

Buffers are typically used to create areas that can be further analyzed using other tools. For example, if the question is What buildings are within 1 mile of the school?, the answer can be found by creating a 1-mile buffer around the school and overlaying the buffer with the layer containing building footprints. The end result is a layer of those buildings within 1 mile of the school.

For example

  • Using linear river features, buffer each river by 50 times the width of the river to determine a proposed riparian boundary.
  • Given areas representing countries, buffer each country by 200 nautical miles to determine the maritime boundary.


input_layer: Input Features (_FeatureSet). Required parameter.

distance: Buffer Distance (float). Optional parameter.

distance_unit: Buffer Distance Unit (str). Optional parameter.
Choice list:[‘Feet’, ‘Yards’, ‘Miles’, ‘Meters’, ‘Kilometers’, ‘NauticalMiles’]

field: Buffer Distance Field (str). Optional parameter.

method: Method (str). Required parameter.
Choice list:[‘Geodesic’, ‘Planar’]
dissolve_option: Dissolve Option (str). Optional parameter.
Choice list:[‘All’, ‘List’, ‘None’]

dissolve_fields: Dissolve Fields (str). Optional parameter.

summary_fields: Summary Statistics (str). Optional parameter.

multipart: Allow Multipart Geometries (bool). Optional parameter.

output_name: Output Features Name (str). Required parameter.

gis: Optional, the GIS on which this tool runs. If not specified, the active GIS is used.

output - Output Features as a feature layer collection item